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Not too long ago I got it into my head that perhaps I would like an e-reader. My reasoning went something like this. "I like books. I like owning books. But books are heavy, and I hate moving them. Data is light. E-books are perfect for me." SO I looked around, and came to the conclusion hat Barnes and Noble's nook is probably the best reader I could get. I'm not wild about Barnes and Noble; I've always preferred Borders, myself (though I fear they may not be long for this earth), but it does support ePub, which means I could get a nook and, if I decided I really hate B&N just stop buying from them and get books from Powell's or someplace. Ideally I would like an unaffiliated reader so I could get books anywhere and everywhere I wanted. But it seems all of those are expensive and/or suck. So I'd decided on the noon. But I just can't do it. I can't pull the trigger. I keep thinking and rethinking. I think I'm gonna take my interminable waffling as a sign that I really should just stick to paper books.

Maybe I should buy some weights...
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