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This was going to be a post about great NPR shows and fun with friend and how I finally got off my ass and replaced my PC's dead monitor.

Instead it is now about how after I finally got off my ass and replaced my PC's dead moniotr, nor its wireless network card has shit itself and died while I was at the pub.


I now wish I'd just pulled evrything worth saving of the hard drive and stuck it on my MacBook.

I am now going to drink a beer because I feel like I need one, rather than because I want one.
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Yesterday I thought my WinXP desktop computer had shit itself and died. Early the previous day I heard the machine shut itself down, which it's been known to do from time to time. When I tried to start it again, I got nothing but a black screen. I was pretty sure I'd had some kind of hardware failure and that the PC was dead. Then I was fiddling around with it yesterdayand sicovered when I truned no the computer the monitor was lietreally doing nothing. Normally if my computer is off or something the monitor will display a little message that says "digital - no signal" or some such, I pushed the setting muttons on the monitor and got nothing. Thinking then that it just might be the monitor had failed, I put the box in the car an took it out to my parent's house to try it with a different monitor. It worked. So instead of needing a new desktop, I just need to get a new monitor and then can continue to use my PC.

This, I suppose, is a good thing, as a new monitor may be had for like $200. On the other hand, when I thought the computer itself was dead, I was all ready to kiss Windows goodbye and switch over to Mac completely. The only thing that gave me any sort of pause is the Windows software I still have, mostly games. I rarely play computer games, but I still have a few Windows onese that I might like to replay (Syberia and the Longest Journey), some I still might play from time to time (CIv 4 and the latest incarnation of SimCity), and some of haven't got round to playing at all (Guild Wars, and Dreamfall - started but fell out of). But that's pretty much it. I don't see myself really getting into any more games anytime soon.

So now I have a decision to make, and a few options. I can:

1) Buy a new monitor and keep using the PC until I run it into the ground. Next desktop will be a Mac Mini or an iMac.

2) Buy a new monitor and use the PC for a while, while working towards a move to solely Mac in the near term. This would probably mean buying a Mac Mini in the next few months.

3) Kiss the PC goodbye right now, buy an iMac and use this gadget (on loan from Dad in case I decide to do this) to hook my PC's hard drive up to the new Mac and move stuff over.

Not sure what to do. I've spent a lot of money lately out of necessity (suits, shirts, etc.). And then there's the question of what to do with my perfectly servicible PC if I do switch. It will be three years old in January.

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Crumpler has apparently been reading my mind, as they recently came out with a new bag that can carry an SLR, lenses and accessories, and a laptop, but does not appear to be FRICKING HUGE. This merits further nvestigation at the earliest opportunity.

Early Day

May. 22nd, 2009 02:12 pm
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Got off four hours early. Ate lunch (burger). It was good, but passed s sushi place later and wished I'd had sushi instead. Got the MINI washed. On internet now. Contemplating nap.


May. 21st, 2009 08:53 pm
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Work Stuff: One person who was temporaily gone, now permanently gone. Another person leaving soon. Plus the other guy we knew about. Sucks. Was highly praised by a senor the other day. Always feel awkward in that situation. Like I am a big fraud.

Social stuff: Went to happy hour pre_keane with gitl from Church. Snippet:
GfC: Oh you just had your birthday, how old are you?
PB: thirty-one
GfC: Really?? You look good for your age.

Yeah. She quickly said that since she's 26 she thinks all of her friends must be 26. But seriously, is 31 that much older than 26? Geez. She does own a gun, though...

Tech Stuff: Still love the MacBook. Still trying to figure out a bag. Like the Timbuk2, but the clors I really loved are no longer available. Next color refresh not until back-to-school time. Want to haul tis thing before then. May have to settle.
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So now that I ahve a laptop, I need a laptop bag. What I really want is a bag that will hold my laptop, camera, and associated stuff.

This would be perfect:
Timbuk2 Japan Laptop Camera Bag

But it's not sold in the US, so I guess I will have to get a Timbuk2 laptop bag and a photo bag insert from someplace else. It's kind of vexing.

Also, Elizabeth and the Catapult are a good band.

New toy

May. 14th, 2009 09:46 pm
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I'm updating using iJournal, which is a Mac OS X livejournl client. The more astute of you may deduce therefore that I now own a Macintosh computer. I used the annual big birthday check from the 'rents, and some of my own money, to buy myself one of the new aluminum MacBooks. I love this thing. Like my iPod and IPhone it is a beautiful machine. The keyboard feels great. Strangely I seem to make fewer typos on this thing than on any desktop keyboard I use. I really like the big touchpad, too. And syncing the Mac's address book, googe contacts, and phone works flawlessly. Love, love, love this computer.

I'm slowly getting used to the differences between is machine and my PC. The different way of installing applcations was a big surprise. Everything on this omputer is so...simple. The PC's been getting neglected a bit lately.

Went to Annapolis to see Vienna Teng last night. Had a blast. The opening act was great, and Vienna was awesome as usual, and I bought her new CD and got another autograph and got my picture taken with her. It was all I could do not to squee.

I find myself emotionally drawn to people who create things. Musicians, photographers. Hell, even programmers. I suspec it's because such things are beyond my own feeble capacity.
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I wouldn't kick her off my hard drive for eating crackers cookies :-D
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[ profile] lschiere I wish I paid more attention to your blog, then I could have told you this at the party. I have a never-used (though honestly a cheap no-name) ATX power supply. I do not know what your desktop requires, but what I have is a 430W PS. It has a 20-pin ATX main power connector, a 4-pin (2x2) 12V P4 connector, four 4-pin (4x1) connectors for IDE devices, and one floppy connector. It came with my PC's case, I removed it because I bought a 750W power supply aftermarket (needed a PS with a 24-pin main connector). Would this item be of use to you?


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