Jun. 7th, 2008 02:31 am
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I went to Artomatic tonight (well, last night, now) with  papercuppie and some other folks. It was fun. We saw Craigslist! the Musical. It was funny. Saw some good art, too. Walked our feet to destruction. I'm eating pecan pie now. Bed soon. Fun times.

Good Day

Feb. 26th, 2008 06:46 pm
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Today I had breakfast at Bob and Edith's, then I decided to go to the museums. I did Air & Space and American Indian this time. Air & Space because it is my all-time favorite since childhood. American Indian because it's open now. I have to the the National Museum of the American Indian...confuses me. As near as I can tell, there were only four actual exhibits (not counting the boats in the lobby and the displays of stuff in cabinets). Four exhibits in such a large space was disappointing. I did enjoy the dresses exhibit, though. I only went to half of the exhibits because by that time I was hungry and my feet hurt. So I guess I have to go back at some point.  Took many pictures at Air & Space. I'll upload them to flickr later this week and may blog one or two of them here.

I have received my three packages (1 UPS, 2 USPS). Here's what I got

Yomiko Readman from Read or Die. She is a secret agent! And a bookworm! With glasses! She's HOT!

Ryomou Shimei from Ikki Tousen. She is a high-school student. With blue hair! She kicks people's asses! And uses a submission technique that would make her young male opponents very happy...if they weren't being strangled. She is also hot, but in a completely different way.

18-eighteen by Nana Kitade. It has that Indelible Sin song from Fullmetal Alchemist on it. I'm listening right now. I can't understand a damned word of it, but I love it. All the names and titles and stuff are in Kanji, which semagic grabs my music from WMP but doesn't understand, so it makes it all into question marks! LOL


Sep. 25th, 2007 06:40 pm
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Today I pretended to be a tourist.

Not wanting to pay for parking, I got on th 10B bus to Ballston, where I caught the Orange Line and went to Metro Center, which from the available maps appeared to be the closest stop to my first destination. Somewhere between inspecting the area map in the station and actually reaching the surface I became disoriented, and it took me some wandering around in what I intuited might be the right direction to reach Pennsylvania Avenue. But once I found that street, locating Les Halles was pretty straightforward. Next time, I will stay on the Train until Federal Triangle, which appears to be a bit more convenient to the restaurant.

I got a table outside and sat down to enjoy lunch. I had a green salad, followed by the onglet (hanger steak). It was fabulous. The shallot sauce that came with the steak was quite good, but unnecessary. I only used it on about half the steak, and then only sparingly. The frites were great, too. They're the only fries that ever cause me to pass on the ketchup. I had an iced tea instead of wine, and didn't take any coffee after lunch. It was simply too warm for that.

Lunch finished I headed for the museums. The first stop was Natural History because, frankly, it as there. It had been quite some time since I'd visited that museum, and frankly I found myself disappointed. I wish I'd done Air & Space instead. Apparently in 2008, they're going a to open a new oceans hall in Natural History which should be pretty good, as I generally like ocean things. If I had known this I would have waited. Several exhibits (notably hominids) had signs saying basically "yeah, so new research indicates the stuff this exhibit says is wrong. We're gonna fix that. Soon." The prehistoric ocean life stuff was pretty cool, I couldn't remember seeing that stuff before, so I enjoyed it. Overall, though the whole experience paled in comparison to the museum of Natural History in New York, which I visited in the spring. But hey, the Smithsonian is free, so I guess I can't complain.

I left Natural History around three o'clock and figured I didn't have near enough time to see everything I would want to (i.e. everything) at Air & Space, so I went to the Hirshhorn to see some modern art. Many exhibits were interesting. Some were beautiful. Still Others were just odd. And a few were "WTF??" I think my favorite was a short film called The Way Things Go. Definitely worth seeing. Finished up there around five o'clock, and headed over to L'Enfant plaza to brave the afternoon rush hour. Getting back home wasn't too bad, though.

Despite not leaving my house until 11 o'clock or so this morning, it was a pretty full day. I enjoyed myself.

Tomorrow is nominally a day off, but I have to go into another office to evaluate monitors (Ask the poor bastards who have to use this stuff? Brilliant!). I'm going to try to do this pretty early so the whole day isn't wasted.
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Looking at the weather this morning, I decided if I wanted to go to the Folklife Festival, today was probably the best day, holiday notwithstanding.

Cut in the interest of clutter-free f-lists )

It was a good day.

This is the week-and-a-half reminder for Gin Blossoms. The show is Saturday, 14 July at 7:30. Tickets for [ profile] uilos, [ profile] jazzfish, [ profile] elf, [ profile] jduffy1535,[ profile] baranoouji, and myself will be at will-call under my name. If anyone can't make it please let me know so I and the others can find someone to take your place.

I was checking the Birchmere website today looking for other concerts and saw Vienna Teng plays there on 19 July. I think I'm going to go. Would love to go with other people.


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