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Here it is, New Year's Eve (New Year's Day, already, in some places) and I have yet to post a proper after-action report from Christmas. I just haven't felt like it, I guess.

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I hope everyone else had a Joyous Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, Sunreturn, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Or if you choose to celebrate nothing, I hope you had a good ordinary day.

What else is new?  Well, between the multiple broken things on my car, my two repair visits cost me $1751.49, OUCH!  That's more than a whole normal paycheck for me. I put the repairs on the credit card, so needless to say I won't be buying much fun stuff with that magnetized piece of plastic until I pay off this month's bill. It will be a whopper, but not the largest I've ever had, I do not think.

Friday night my friend Thomas was in town, so I talked him into driving me down to Alexandria, for a night out. It was pretty good. Felt awful the following day, though. Much water and ibuprofen helped. Saturday's wedding was enjoyable. Having a couple kids act as DJ's yielded "interesting" music at the reception. It was quite funny watching people rock out to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" at a wedding.

Saturday night, I watched football with the boys.

Last night I went on an anime binge and watched the complete Hellsing series, which my brother gave me for Christmas last year. I enjoyed the story, animation and characters immensely.  I have a new anime crush, Seras. She has all of the things I general look for in a  female anime character. Namely, she is pretty and carries a gun. In her case, a VERY BIG gun, as you can see in the image to the left. I wonder if I can get a figure of her someplace. I may go an read the manga now, because I have read that the TV series and manga are very different. Hellsing Ultimate -- the more recent OAV -- is supposed to be truer to the original source material, but only three volumes of it were released here in the US before Geneon, went under. I don't know what will happen to the fourth volume, whether some other company will pick up the license for the series. Because of this I am hesitant to buy what exists of it now, for fear I may never get to see the end.  I'm also unsure if another company would release the whole thing again. Although I'm pretty sure they would if they picked up the series license. The demise of Geneon, bummed me out a bit when I heard about it. They were distributing Black Lagoon, which I wanted to see, but hadn't started buying yet. The first season is completely out now. Not sure if I will buy it or not. I think when I finish here tonight, I may start watching Madlax, which I am pretty excited about. The next series I think I will purchase will be Black Heaven, which from what I can discern involves a failed heavy metal band that must reunite so their music can power a superweapon that is the only thing that can repel an alien assault on planet Earth. OK, I guess that's enough anime talk, for now.

You may have discerned that I am not celebrating New Year's. This is because A) I have to work tomorrow and must rise very early, and B) I have, in recent years, come to regard New Year's as a bullshit holiday. I see little to celebrate in a clock rolling over. I'm not really big on the omnipresent "New Year's Resolutions" either, but I do feel there are some ways in which I can improve myself. I'm going to list them here now, more for my own benefit than anything else.
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