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I cooked myself a steak tonight!

I'm 3/4 through a bottle of Médoc!  Feeling pretty good, for being alone.
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Yesterday, 9 May, was my birthday. I turned 30.

A bunch of us went to Les Halles, downtown. Almost all of us had some variation of steak-frites because, well, what else are you gonna have when you go there? It's really hard to look past the steaks on the menu. I also had a bowl of French onion soup that was really good. I got a couple cards and some presents. damian792 gave me some Japanese language instruction software and a Japanese-English dictionary. The package is by a company I'm not familiar with, but he says it's a good outfit, and I trust him because he's a big language person. I've made some noise about wanting to learn Japanese or a while now, and had been wanting to enroll in a class, but I have trips coming up for work that would cause me to be absent, and I didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars on instruction and  wind up missing days and be lost. It would kind of defeat the point. I've never learned a language using Cd's or computer programs, but I'm interested to see how it works out. This is one of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts I've ever gotten. becca5 got me the first Inspector Lynley novel, A Great Deliverance, which was a great gift choice but for the fact I've already read it. But, I love Lynley, and it came with a gift receipt, so I can just go to Barnes & Noble and exchange it for another of the series that I haven't got yet.

After dessert (during which the gang had the staff put a candle in my chocolate mousse and snag "Happy Birthday"), we went to Fadó, in Chinatown for drinks. baranoouji was not feeling well, so she and jduffy1535 left shortly after we got there. John and Mollie left next. The last three of us stayed until around midnight, I guess, then called it a night. All-in-all it was a good birthday. It was good to be with friends.

There's not a whole lot more to report from this week. A meeting and work has caused me to switch from merely dislike of/annoyance at one of my coworkers to full-blown hatred. He's a tool.

Oh, I went to the doctor yesterday to talk about my gout, since I was worried that it's affecting me in places it previously had not. He put me on a preventive medicine, allopurinol. It doesn't abort attacks, but should attack the root cause of them. After my doctor's office visit, I went to the credit union to pick up my auto loan package. I also got a cashier's check for the down payment, and $30 in quarters (laundry money). The credit union headquarters, where I picked up the loan is near Tyson's Corner, so I popped by the mall and went to the Apple store to have a look at the iPhone. I fiddled around with it a bit, sending a text message to myself on my phone. I think they are right about starting off typing with one finger until you get the hang of their on-screen keyboard, although I gave it a try with two thumbs also, and only made a few mistakes. I tried the web browser and visited a couple of my favorite webcomics' sites. The browser seems to work quite well. I had no problem figuring things out, probably thanks to having watched the "tour" videos on the website. Having google maps on the phone is really neat. I have to say, I think the iPhone is a pretty slick device, and I am most tempted to get one. The only worry I have is that if I get one, I may become a "texting" fiend. The reason I don't do it now is because I have a regular phone with just a telephone keypad, and typing words on that thing is a pain in the ass. A device with a qwerty keyboard would make this much easier. There are rumors on-line of a new 3G (i.e. faster internet) iPhone coming out this summer; I'm trying to decide whether to wait for it. Regardless, I think I'm leaning towards wanting one. There's another Apple store near the Barnes & Noble in Clarendon, so I think I will explore some more when I go to exchange my book.

Turning to the music front, I'm looking forward to Gin Blossom's on 22 May. I'm going to get a ticket for Saw Doctors in August at the Birchmere. This  is an invitation for locals (I am glancing in papercuppie's direction, right now). I could really use a live Vienna Teng fix, right now, but I do not see any upcoming shows nearby on her web site.

A while back, over on LJ, I was quoted part of a song in response to one of my more introspective mopes. I found it one youtube yesterday and listened to it. A LOT. It's pretty good.

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No going out for me tonight. I guess I will maybe watch some anime, then go to bed.

The rest of the conference went well. The last day's meetings only went half the day, so a group of us went out to lunch once it had finished. We went to Belga Café. It was very good. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it. I had a nice steak with some very good frites, and a green salad, washed down with a Delirium Tremens. After that, I decided there was no way in hell I was returning to the office, so I tog the rest of the day off, came home, and had a nice nap. That night I went out to dinner with John and Molly, and damian792 and becca5. We ate Thai down the street at Bangkok 54, then went to the Dairy Godmother for dessert. It was good.

I finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist this week so I started reading the manga. I finished the first four volumes the other night, so today I went out and bought the next four, which I promptly read in a matter of hours after returning home. Guess I have to buy more tomorrow. Less than two weeks until my birthday.

Tow friends from college got married today. But I wasn't there.
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The new season of Deadliest Catch began last night, reminding me why I have cable. It's really good in HD.  Wanted Dead or Alive is a great theme song selection. But now every time I hear it on the radio I want seafood :-( I stayed up far too late last night and horribly overslept this morning. Thankfully the boss-lady doesn't really care.

Tonight, I have not one, but two tuna melts. And a pile of Cheetos. The puffy ones. Yay unhealthy yumminess.

I was thinking of watching some anime or a movie tonight, but starting now, as late as it is doesn't seem like the best idea. Perhaps tomorrow. I guess I'll just screw around on the internet for a while Probably for too long, honestly. The DVR is recording Mythbusters, so I can watch that at my leisure. I hope we see a lot of Kari in tonight's. She's pretty.

Also very pretty, the girl in the Verizon wireless commercial. The one where she comes out of he elevator.Only complaint I have is that she removes her glasses in the first seconds of the ad. Noooooo!

Enough silliness from me.


Jan. 28th, 2008 02:44 pm
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Any Arlingtonians want to get cheap sushi at Matuba tonight?


Jan. 14th, 2008 07:04 pm
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I just ate too damn much pizza for no good reason. It was tasty, but I shouldn't have done that.


Dec. 26th, 2007 05:04 pm
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Somehow I started reading about Ducks on Wikipedia. This lead to reading about Peking Duck. Now I want Peking Duck. Damn.
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I says to myself tonight, "Self, you have not had Five Guys in a looong time." And then myself says, "mmmmm...Five Guys..."
"You know, you've been really good about cooking and eating healthy..."
"Yes. Yes you can."

So I did. And fries, too. And it was damn good.
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Just got back from Harris Teeter, where I did my shopping for the week.

Took care of lunches by getting a pound of  "Santa Fe Turkey Breast," which I believe to be the Dietz and Watson equivalent of Boar's Head's delicious Salsalito turkey, along with lettuce and tomato for sandwiches. By the way, if anyone knows a DC area grocery that sells Boar's Head meats, please let me know.

Real cooking at least two nights this week. Monday I'll try another pseudo-Chinese stir-fry thing, this time some variation on Chicken and snow peas. I bought a steak to have on Tuesday night. Wednesday I will either go to the Pub Quiz and eat there or go to the Flying Fish ad have sushi. Thursday night I'm going to be a slug and eat hot dogs because I like them. Friday night is open.

Also bought milk and bananas. I actually drank the whole last quart of milk I bought. I never finish a container of milk. I don't know what's come over me.

Now I'm going to use the last of the weeks tuna salad to make a tuna melt. I bought potato chips today specifically to go with this lunch.
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Before I don't go out tonight, I thought I would share a hypothesis I formed a few days ago while sitting here at the computer, and tested a couple hours ago. Basically, it goes something like: "If you have ever a enjoyed a meal at a Mongolian BBQ place, it is silly to fear cooking without a recipe. Because for all intents and purposes, you have already done so.
Stir-fried pork thingy with onions and scallions )


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