Jun. 14th, 2009 09:47 am
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Saturday was a day of minor productivity, followed by a night of big fun. I woke up later than I have been doing lately, but not ridiculously so. After doing the usual morning preparations, I went to the apartment's leasing office to inquire about having my bathtup drain snaked, as it had been getting slower and slower for a while now.

When I was finished at the office, I went down to Falls Church for lunch. I went to the Four Provinces and had a buffalo chcken salad (my favorite). It was disappointing, just as the previous one had been. Not bad, mind you. Just not great like it used to be. I just might have to stop going there except for thise rare occasions when Gerry is in town and everybody goes. I haven't beeen to the pub quiz in several weeks, and I think the food falling off may be the impetus for me to just stop altogether. I mean, I shouldn't eat or do anything I don't really enjoy, should I? Maybe I will use this as an opportunity to meet new folks by finding a differnt mid-week drinking activity. The only question is "what?"

Anyway, once I was done with the salad, I went across the street to get some passport photos, which came out fucking horrible, but are the prescribed dimensions and show my face clearly, so I guess it's OK. When I got gome I filled out in (why do we say "fill out" here in the US anyway? I think I'm gonna say "fill in" from now on) State's nline passport form, but when I printed it I noticed a problem. The online form has a field for a suffix, but when it egnerated the PDF, the suffic was nowhere to be found. Which is a problem because my alst passport has my "Jr." on it. And so does my driving license, work ID card, and all the credit cards. And I would like all to match. I guess I will wait to apply until I can call State and ask what to do. I imagine the answer will be to put the suffix in the surname field on the form. WHy the hell don't they have a spot for suffixes on the damn paper form? And why a spot in the online thingy if it's not blooody used by the system when filling in the PDF? Stupid.

While all of the passport fail was unfolding on the computer, my newly snaked tub was in the process of being cleaned. I filled it up with hot water, and then scrubbed it out but good. Lots of soap residue and such (some caused by the slow training problem) had built up. The hoat water soaking treatement coupled with some elbow grease and cleaner made fairly short work of it. The hardest part was emtying the tub, which I decided to do with a bucket, so that I wouldn't clog the drain again by washing all that gunk down it. Pouring all at that water donw the toilet probably made my downstairs neighbor wonder WTF was happening.

Once I was finished with all the cleaning, I lapsed into my usual scewing around on the internet. I'd been at this for a little while when John called, looking for something to do that night. I told him that I was going to Fairfax to see a band, if he was up for that. He was, and we got a hold of Tom and all went out. Met up at Arties for dinner and then went to Fat Tuesday's (dive in University Mall) for the show. It was good.

The band we were there to see was called Summer Rain. You have probably not heard of them because they are local. The reason we went to see them is I went to school with the lead singer from 3rd grade through high school. I hadn't seen him in over a decade, and had no idea what happened to the guy, but he found me on Facebook earlier this year. And that's the medium by which I learned of the show. And I had no plans for Saturday, so that's why we were there. So we get to the bar and get some beers, and then I go and buy some cigarettes, because I'm dumb, but whatever. And then Steve from the Knights walks in, which was odd. And then later on, like six more elementary/middle/high school classmates of mine come in, which was slightly less odd, considering the circumstances. I guess it may be a little odd that we all remembered each other despite not actually being what I would call firends back then.

Anyway Justin's band was good. Generic rock, but enjoyable. It was live music, which made me happy. There was another band on later, called The Boone's Farmers. They were a blues/rock outfit, and they were really good. So we stayed around for them.


May. 28th, 2009 09:55 pm
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On the way home, I satrted asking myself what I wan in life. But the only answer forthcoming was steak. So I said to hell with it and went to Ray's.


May. 27th, 2009 07:16 pm
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I've developed splitting headches the past two days. I think it's my office.
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Met up with my college buddy Chris and his fiancé for an outing in DC on Saturday. Stupidly forgot the camera. Would have been a good day to take pictures. Had a good time, though.

Did jack and shit on Sunday.

Went to a barbecue at Andrew and Shannon's on Monday. It was good times. Wish I'd talked more to some folks I didn't know. But if wishes were fishes...

There's no use crying over every mistake...

God, I was dragging today.
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This weekend started off well enough. Friday night I went to Korean Barbecue with the gang (mmmm kimchi). By some bizarre coincidence, my college friend Meredith, whom I haven't seen in years, was at the next table with here husband. Apparently she's going on a business trip to Korea soon, and wanted to know what Korean cuisine was like. Just to give you a clue of how unlikely this crossing of paths was, there are approximately 100 MILLION Korean restaurants in Annandale, and they happened to pick the one we did. Neither of them had ever eaten Korean before and had no clue how things worked, so we invited them over to our table, since we're experts (or the closest thing to experts that they know). And then we ate kimchi and grilled animal bits and drank, and all had a grand time.

I had a slightly less grand time when I woke up the Saturday with my knee hurting and unable to be extended fully. I should've laid off the red meat and soju the night before,as my knee started bugging me Friday afternoon and I bloody well knew it was gout. But I didn't. I opted to eat drink and be merry. The price was two days where I couldn't walk quite right, so I missed the picnic and museum outing I was supposed to attend on Sunday. I stayed home, reinstalled Windows, got my PC configured nice like it was before, and played computer games.

Did three loads of laundry today. Got three more to do sometime this week. It occurred to me this afternoon that my trip to San Francisco is nine days away. Which puts it at next Wednesday. Which means my two weeks off starts Monday. CHRIST. I thought it was farther away than that. Need to avoid last week's (admittedly important and work-related) distractions so that I can accomplish the things I actually want to do this week.

I stepped out this evening to get some dinner and found the weather to be wonderful. I hope it stays this way. I think fall is my favorite season. I may elaborate on that at some point later. I actually have some more thoughtful things to write here for once, though when do commit them to the net they'll probably be intermixed with more miscellaneous crap. But I'm not going to write those things now. Now I think I;m going to play the Sims 2 for a while. Until 10 o'clock. I will go to bed at 10 o'clock.
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Last night baranoouji, jduffy1535, and I pile into the mini and went to Ray's the Steaks. We had good food and split a bottle of good wine. Today, I went up to DuPont circle and got my hair cut. I kinda like it. The guy put some kind of straightening stuff in it. I guess if I want it to look how it did when he finished with it I need to buy some of that stuff. On the way home, I stopped in Rosslyn and went to a wine store. Today has been pretty good.

New Do

Good Stuff

Sep. 1st, 2008 09:58 pm
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This weekend was pretty good. Hppy hour with work people Friday night. Games on Saturday. Dinner out and Wii at John and Mollie's on Sunday. Games today.

Plowing through Cowboy Bebop. Have a two more series a short OVA and two movies to watch. Then I'm out. Time to get more on the list. But I'm gonna try to stretch my remaining anime out because I just spent a heap on that lens. Will probably try to read some books to pass anime-free time. Have decided on vacation in October. Destination currently unknown. Suggestions welcome. I want want scads of culture (museums, galleries, etc.) and nice walks. Suggestions welcome.

This was the best AMV I saw at Otakon this year:


Jun. 23rd, 2008 08:02 pm
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Yesterday I went to target and bought a wok-like thing. And some coat hangers.

Then I came home and bought some T-shirts from Think Geek, including one awesome shirt that baranoouji and papercuppie will appreciate.

My luggage made it home yesterday. Today at work I completed some necessary tasks to resolve a "problem" with the rental car company in TX. Hoping I never hear of the matter again.

Apparently my brother is home from Florida for a few days. So I will be going out to my Parents' on Wednesday.

Thursday night is a birthday party. Friday night a farewell happy hour for a co-worker.

The days are just packed.
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Yesterday evening I went to the Alexandria Waterfront Festival with papercuppie, the guitarist from her band, and this other guy. It was really good, despite the rain. We saw the Smithereens and Toad the Wet Sprocket. I wasn't very familiar at all with the Smithereens before the show. I'd heard of them. I even have one of their albums lying around here someplace, but I seem to have misplaced it. They were good. Toad was awesome. I knew more about them, because I knew I liked a few of their songs, I just can never remember them.

After the bands finished and the fireworks started, we all came back up to the neighborhood, parked our cars and went to the L.A. bar and grill for some beers. It was karaoke night. Everyone sang except me. I was tempted, but a bit intimidated since I was out with one singer/guitarist (papercuppie), one guitarist, and one singer (other guy). I didn't really feel like  getting up and singing badly when I was with a bunch of musicians.Earlier, at the show I had been grousing towards the stage for the organizer-types to get off the stage and let the band play, but remarked that I wasn't drunk enough yet to actually yell it full-forces towards the stage. papercuppie said something like, "oh there's a drunk enough? SO if I drag you out to karaoke you'll singe?" Needless to say I didn't get that drunk last night. Maybe if I were with just one musician I knew well, but not with three --two of whom I'd just met. And I sure as shit wasn't going to sing after papercuppie; she's AWESOME. I'm looking forward to when her band starts playing shows so I can go hear them.

We stayed at the bar until closing time, then walked back to papercuppie's building, where the other guys had parked their car. Then  everyone said goodbye and we all went back to our homes. It was pretty good night.

Today I have to do a shit-ton of laundry so I am ready for my trip. But first I need to buy laundry detergent because I forgot to do so earlier this week.I also want to try to find a new pair of shorts. And I need to pay some bills. Too much to do.


Jun. 7th, 2008 02:31 am
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I went to Artomatic tonight (well, last night, now) with  papercuppie and some other folks. It was fun. We saw Craigslist! the Musical. It was funny. Saw some good art, too. Walked our feet to destruction. I'm eating pecan pie now. Bed soon. Fun times.
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Would have been a good time to go to bed. But I did the dishes instead. No now it's about quarter-past-ten and I don't like to go to bed off the hour. Don't ask why, because I don't know.

Friday I was off and had a productive day. Went up to the courthouse and got the MINI registered in Arlington for tax purposes. Goofed off for the rest of the day. Had dinner at becca5's place with  her and damian792. Then we went down to the Four Provinces to see Gerry with the guys. Pretty good night.

Saturday i decided to go on a little drive. So I took the MINI to Baltimore. I had  a shrimp cocktail and fried scallops for lunch in Canton, then I went to Federal Hill to buy a pie. On the way there, I discovered I have a food allergy when I began itching like crazy and breaking out in hives. Got to the Hill, parked the car, fed the meter and decided to find a pharmacy. After walking only a short distance, I encountered a girl I knew in college, who now lives in Georgetown and was in Baltimore to see a baseball game. I was wondering when I would meet someone from a past life again, as i hadn't had one of these run-ins in a long time. It was quite shocking that it was 50 miles from both our homes. After that, I found a druggist and bought some Benadryl. Then I deli, got some water and popped two. They had mirrors on the wall there and I could see my face was turning red. The Benadryl helped. Now I just have to figure out what triggered the allergy. I figured it must be some ingredient in a condiment or side-dish, because I've eaten shrimp and scallops my whole life with now ill effects. But jduffy1535 and my dad told me that sometimes folks develop allergies later in life, so I guess it could be the crustacean or the mollusk. I hope not.  So, who wants to come to Matuba with me to watch me scarf shrimp and see if I break out. And then do the same with scallop some other time?

I eventually did get my pecan pie, after which I drove home. That evening I was well enough to go out and see Gerry again. That's a link to YouTube, BTW. InsaneJournal doesn't seem to like when I embed videos using Semagic. I've consistently had to edit the entry via IJ's web interface after posting to redo things. Don't really feel like doing that tonight. On a related note, imagine my surprise to discover I'm a trend setter!  At one point my two "productions" were the only two Gerry Timlin videos on YouTube. Tonight I see there are several more. That kinda makes me happy. I think the sound one mine is better than the other ones I watched. Last night I took a couple more, so I may upload those later this week.

Visited my parents today. Showed off the new car and had dinner. My folks really like the MINI. Mom even liked the red leather seats. I wasn't sure how she would feel about them. Not that her opinion matter much, but I do hate listening to her when she expresses dislike of other people's things because they are not in line with her tastes.

OK Day

May. 26th, 2008 02:37 am
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I woke up at a quarter-to-six for no good reason today. Damn day star. I took my pill, went back to bed, and slept until 10-ish. Got up again and stayed in pretty much all day. Did some much-needed laundry. Discovered one pair of shorts and one shirt died. Fabric wore out The shorts were a pair I've had since mid-college, making them 10-11 years old, so that's a pretty good run. Shirt's newer than that. Can't remember when I bought it. But the loss gives me an excuse to buy a new shirt. This time, I think, something not from L.L. Bean, as I've been saying I want to stop dressing like people 15 years older than I.

Went to the 4 P's tonight to see the Sean Fleming Band with the gang. They were great!  They did traditional Irish, rock, country, almost everything. Come On Eileen was a bit of a surprise  They played 2 sets, for a total of around 2 hours I guess. They played one song where the last line of every verse, as well as the chorus, was the title of a Saw Doctors song. That was a treat. The also covered I Useta Love Her, but it wasn't nearly as good as the when Saw Doctors do it. Still, overall the music was excellent and well worth the $10 cover charge. All in all today has been a good day.

And now, it's time for bed. But, before I go... MUPPETS!!!

Goof night

May. 23rd, 2008 12:31 am
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Went to Gin Blossoms with papercuppie and her friend. It was fun. Not as good as the last time I saw them at The State though. They had sound problems all night. And they didn't play Mrs. Rita. And there were some real assholes at the show. But I still ha d a good time, 'cuz I was with good people.

Hey, Discovery Channel fans, look! There's a Deadliest Catch video game!  
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Yesterday, 9 May, was my birthday. I turned 30.

A bunch of us went to Les Halles, downtown. Almost all of us had some variation of steak-frites because, well, what else are you gonna have when you go there? It's really hard to look past the steaks on the menu. I also had a bowl of French onion soup that was really good. I got a couple cards and some presents. damian792 gave me some Japanese language instruction software and a Japanese-English dictionary. The package is by a company I'm not familiar with, but he says it's a good outfit, and I trust him because he's a big language person. I've made some noise about wanting to learn Japanese or a while now, and had been wanting to enroll in a class, but I have trips coming up for work that would cause me to be absent, and I didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars on instruction and  wind up missing days and be lost. It would kind of defeat the point. I've never learned a language using Cd's or computer programs, but I'm interested to see how it works out. This is one of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts I've ever gotten. becca5 got me the first Inspector Lynley novel, A Great Deliverance, which was a great gift choice but for the fact I've already read it. But, I love Lynley, and it came with a gift receipt, so I can just go to Barnes & Noble and exchange it for another of the series that I haven't got yet.

After dessert (during which the gang had the staff put a candle in my chocolate mousse and snag "Happy Birthday"), we went to Fadó, in Chinatown for drinks. baranoouji was not feeling well, so she and jduffy1535 left shortly after we got there. John and Mollie left next. The last three of us stayed until around midnight, I guess, then called it a night. All-in-all it was a good birthday. It was good to be with friends.

There's not a whole lot more to report from this week. A meeting and work has caused me to switch from merely dislike of/annoyance at one of my coworkers to full-blown hatred. He's a tool.

Oh, I went to the doctor yesterday to talk about my gout, since I was worried that it's affecting me in places it previously had not. He put me on a preventive medicine, allopurinol. It doesn't abort attacks, but should attack the root cause of them. After my doctor's office visit, I went to the credit union to pick up my auto loan package. I also got a cashier's check for the down payment, and $30 in quarters (laundry money). The credit union headquarters, where I picked up the loan is near Tyson's Corner, so I popped by the mall and went to the Apple store to have a look at the iPhone. I fiddled around with it a bit, sending a text message to myself on my phone. I think they are right about starting off typing with one finger until you get the hang of their on-screen keyboard, although I gave it a try with two thumbs also, and only made a few mistakes. I tried the web browser and visited a couple of my favorite webcomics' sites. The browser seems to work quite well. I had no problem figuring things out, probably thanks to having watched the "tour" videos on the website. Having google maps on the phone is really neat. I have to say, I think the iPhone is a pretty slick device, and I am most tempted to get one. The only worry I have is that if I get one, I may become a "texting" fiend. The reason I don't do it now is because I have a regular phone with just a telephone keypad, and typing words on that thing is a pain in the ass. A device with a qwerty keyboard would make this much easier. There are rumors on-line of a new 3G (i.e. faster internet) iPhone coming out this summer; I'm trying to decide whether to wait for it. Regardless, I think I'm leaning towards wanting one. There's another Apple store near the Barnes & Noble in Clarendon, so I think I will explore some more when I go to exchange my book.

Turning to the music front, I'm looking forward to Gin Blossom's on 22 May. I'm going to get a ticket for Saw Doctors in August at the Birchmere. This  is an invitation for locals (I am glancing in papercuppie's direction, right now). I could really use a live Vienna Teng fix, right now, but I do not see any upcoming shows nearby on her web site.

A while back, over on LJ, I was quoted part of a song in response to one of my more introspective mopes. I found it one youtube yesterday and listened to it. A LOT. It's pretty good.

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No going out for me tonight. I guess I will maybe watch some anime, then go to bed.

The rest of the conference went well. The last day's meetings only went half the day, so a group of us went out to lunch once it had finished. We went to Belga Café. It was very good. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it. I had a nice steak with some very good frites, and a green salad, washed down with a Delirium Tremens. After that, I decided there was no way in hell I was returning to the office, so I tog the rest of the day off, came home, and had a nice nap. That night I went out to dinner with John and Molly, and damian792 and becca5. We ate Thai down the street at Bangkok 54, then went to the Dairy Godmother for dessert. It was good.

I finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist this week so I started reading the manga. I finished the first four volumes the other night, so today I went out and bought the next four, which I promptly read in a matter of hours after returning home. Guess I have to buy more tomorrow. Less than two weeks until my birthday.

Tow friends from college got married today. But I wasn't there.
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I went to the Provinces with Tom and Jules and baranoouji. I ate corned beef and drank Guinness. Then I got baranoouji to take me to the anime store. I bought the last Fullmetal Alchemist box, and also Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex because, you know, I don't have enough DVDs to watch already. When I got home, I called work and told Mary Jane I would be taking tomorrow off, too. Three guesses in what horribly unproductive way I will spend my time. I am feeling fat dumb and happy.  
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Friday night I have dinner with jduffy1535 and baranoouji at Bangkok 54. Then we went back to their place and hung out with becca5 and damian792. It was pretty good, but I left early. baranoouji seemed to not be feeling well, and I don't like hanging around people's house when they aren't feeling 100%.

Saturday I woke up fairly early, paid some bills, and had lunch at Arby's. I went to Anime Pavilion to try and get the last Fullmetal Alchemist box set, but they didn't have it in yet. The guy said it should be in today or tomorrow. I cam home and did a lot of laundry, because I had no clean non-work clothes. Then I packed quickly and hit the road for Virginia Beach and palliddreamer's St. Patrick's day party. It was slow going down almost to Spotsylvania county, but after that I made pretty good time. The party was lots of fun, despite me being the only William and Mary person there besides Mike There were a lot of people there and everyone seemed to be having a real good time. I met a few interesting people, including some of Mike's fencing buddies. I had four or five Jell-o shots, I don't think I'd had one of those in like 8 years. It brought back memories. I played what I think was Halo 3, and even managed to kill some people. I did not get on of Rock Band, though. I got good and drunk and slept on the couch.

The next morning, I woke up,  took a shower and rolled out for the trip home. It was slow getting out of VA Beach, because there was some sort of marathon going on. And once I got out of the city, traffic was horrifically slow up to the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel. It took me two hours from Mike's house to that point. After that things were pretty OK, though. I made a stop in Williamsburg, got lunch at Paul's deli, and wandered around the William and Mary campus for a while. Good God, a lot has changed since I was there last (6 years ago). They've built and extension onto the front of Small Hall (physics building), and are currently making Millington (bio) and Rogers (chemistry) into an "Integrated Science Center". I saw the two new dormitories they built on part of Barksdale Field, where people use to sunbathe. I guess the ROTC kids won't be flying out of there in helicopters anymore. Too bad; it was funny seeing spectators papers get blown all over the place that one time. They're also building a new home for the business school on that old gravel parking lot by the Matoaka woods, across the street from Morton (government building). I went into the renovated Swem library (last time I only saw it from the outside). The remodel is AMAZING. The stacks no longer look like a Soviet record warehouse. Before, I wouldn't have been surprised to find KGB torture records in there. Now it actually seems like a pleasant place to study. I also walked through Blair Hall (the history building, where I had most of my classes). It looks the same as it always did, but it was pretty ice before, so that's no surprise. I'm a little disappointed that there is some narcissistic ancestor-worship shrine to the Tyler family next to it now. I don't mind so much the busts of the historically significant Tylers  (John the 18th Governor of Virginia, John the President, and Lyon the 17th President of the College), but the list of their descendants who attended the College down the years including some kid who graduated in 2001 just rubbed me the wrong way. Almost in the same way the renaming of Tercentenary Hall to McGlothlin-Street Hall bothered me. But in spite of all the changes, the old school still felt like home.

Apparently the Cheese Shop no longer exists. It's former space is now occupied by something called the "Blue Talon Bistro," so I guess bread ends and house dressing are a thing of the past. If you want them, you'll have to make do with sturmadler's approximation. The old drug store is a Williams-Sonoma now. But the toy shop is still there in Merchant's Square. My last stop in Williamsburg was the campus shop, where I got a W&M hoodie, since I had very little school pride gear.

The rest of the drive up was uneventful, save for a few infuriating moments when I found myself having to brake to a dead stop in the left lane of I-95 for no discernible reason. I made it home around 6 o'clock. I thought about getting dinner, but was really too tired to go out anywhere. So I just dicked around on the internet for a while, and went to bed at around 10:30.

I took today off. I woke up at around 9 o'clock today. After the usual start-of-day preparations, I went out, had breakfast, bought cigarettes and a quart of milk and came home. Tom and Jules have a 1 o'clock reservation at the Four Provinces. baranoouji are going to that. I need to call her and figure out when we are leaving.

This was a good weekend. I'm really glad I went to that party. There weren't a lot of friends there, but it was nice to be around different people.


Jan. 28th, 2008 02:44 pm
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Any Arlingtonians want to get cheap sushi at Matuba tonight?
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Angst at the office (not mine) made much of the week suck. There were some good points, though.

1) I met my LJ friend papercuppie in person on Wednesday. We went to the Lower Arlington Bar and Grill. We drank. It was good.
2) Last night I ate Vietnamese in Clarendon with Chris, Becca, Carson, Kristin, Doug. and Katie. Then we went to Dr. Dremo's. And drank. And it was good.
3) Today I decided to vanquish all remaining sadness through commerce. After eating lunch, I went to Anime Pavilion. I bought Black Heaven and Ikki Tousen.

Hope to see more friends tonight. But first, I think I may take a nap.
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Joined Facebook. Some friends opined that would offer the best way to make contact with people I haven't seen in years yet occasionally idly think about.


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