Sep. 22nd, 2008 12:49 am
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Well, I got my backup problem fixed. And it's real funny, but when I reinstalled all my games and ran them all, that gibberish file never again made and appearance. Weird.

I've been toying with the idea of getting a Mac for my next computer, which won't be for a while since I only built this one a year-and-a-half ago.  I wonder if the the Sims 3 will be released for Mac as well as PC. It looks REALLY good. I'd finally be able to really put myself in the game. In the Sims 2 I can only make sims thinner than me or fatter than me. In the Sims 3, you can apparently make sims as thin, fit or fat as you like. You can make body arms and legs more fit or fat separately. Apparently you can also make sims short or tall. Sounds really cool. Sounds like even more of a time-sink, too.

A prize!

Jun. 27th, 2008 11:10 pm
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To the first person to to guess statement the following inequality represents.

"...Do you fake a smile/As you dodge the blows..." > "Thus says Cyrus, King of Persia: 'All the kingdoms of the earth the Lord, the God of heaven has given to me...'"

Comments screened to avoid cheating.

Betcha I already know who wins.

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Not a whole lot. Still no new boss at work. Been almost a month now. Perhaps it was sorted out today while I was out, but I'd doubt it.

Had a good time this weekend. Went for a long drive on Saturday out to Winchester, which was nice. Hadn't had a good drive in a long time. Played pool with some of the gang on Saturday night. Met up with mostly the same group to watch football and pig out on wings on Sunday. Pats are still going strong so I am happy. Also am happy the Red Sox are going to the World Series, although that means I actually have to watch the bloody thing. Curse baseball for having games mid-week.

Sakura - FrontRunning out of shelf space here at the home, so Sakura is now on the shelf above my desk at work. She makes a nice change to my workspace decorations. Up to this point they;ve been limited to dies-cast models of military hardware. And while that is a hobby of mine, tKaname and Tessahat's still pretty worky. I think now my desk reflects more of the complete "me." I also finally opened up my Kaname and Tessa figures and they are now occupying spaces on my bookshelf. I really do need to get my ass to IKEA and buy more shelves. I just have too many book and too many items to display.

Both of these pictures, by the way, were taken with my new camera. The one on the left was taken in .jpeg mode, letting camera do all the processing, while the one on the right was shot in RAW and I did post-processing myself with the CameraRAW plug-in in Photoshop Elements. I think I could really get into shooting RAW all of  the time. Getting the photos someplace where folks actually can see them is more time-consuming, because you have to open them in the program, manipulate them and then save them as a .jpeg or a PNG or something that browsers and/or OS's will recognize as an image file, but you do get a lot more control. With a RAW image, the RAW data from the CCD is saved as is. Any camera settings you had applied, like white balance or sharpness are saved in a header. When you open the RAW file it shows the image as shot, with those settings applied, but you can change all of that in the RAW converter before opening the photo in an editor. A .jpeg already has had the processing applied in camera and the image has been compressed, so there is less data to work with. Basically, from what I gather, when you work on a .jpeg you are working on only a shadow of the original photo. Working with raw you can get things basically how you want them in the full data, then convert it to a TIFF or PSD or .jpeg to do other stuff that doesn't require all that stuff, like cropping or adding text and such. Or at least I guess that's the benefit. I haven't really played around that much with it yet.

In other news, recent experience has reminds me how much I love adventure-type computer games. I think I'd like to play Paradise, which is by the guy who came up with the Syberia games. Apparently he has another one coming out (or perhaps recently released, actually, though I can't find it from a US vendor), called The Sinking Island. I have leads from [ profile] jazzfish on some text-only adventures that I need to check out. Also, I want to try to get my hands on some old games I wanted to play when I was younger but never bought for whatever reason. Back in the day I really love Sierra On-line's games. They made what are IMHO some of the best titles ever. I never played the 2 Laura Bow mystery games, and I really want to. I see on Amazon Marketplace I can get a new -- i.e. never sold for whatever reason and consigned to the bargain bin -- copy of The Dagger of Amon Ra for around $6. Unfortunately, the first game The Colonel's Bequest looks harder to come by. The two used copies from sellers on Amazon are almost $60. I could get a used copy on eBay for cheaper, but I'm uneasy about buying something on 3.5 inch floppies from some random stranger. God knows what could be on those things besides the game. So this is a general call for assistance to those on the f-list. If you have an old copy of this game you would be willing to part with, or know someone who does, I would be willing to pay a fair price for it. Fair being defined as no more than a 200s-era game who's demand has waned somewhat (or around $30). No way I'm paying 60 bucks. I want to play the fucking thing, not vacuum seal it in a display case and have an exhibit.
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I just finished Syberia 2, and overall I found it to be a most pleasing and entertaining experience. Nothing, however, is perfect.

Syberia 2-specific gripes
1) Further Adventures in Bad Voice Acting: This game started off great. You're in Russia, and all the Russians sound like Russians. Until you meet you characters who are supposed to be thuggish unscrupulous Russians, the Bourgoff Brothers. One of them passes for Russian, but the other one sounds British!!! I swear he could've been a chimney sweep in Mary Poppins! Stone the crows! I will let them slide on the American-sounding Russkiy carried over from the first game, in the name of continuity.

2) Unsatisfying ending: Yay, you help this guy fulfill his dream. That's great, since that eventually became your mission. However, I would have liked some indication of what happens to the Player Character. Gotta be something about her, right? An epilogue? Something?? Nope, guess not. Boo hiss.

3) The lack of any resolution of the Player Character's fate renders all the outside game plot superfluous. Why am I watching these cut-scenes?

I still like the game though.

General gaming gripes

I mourn the demise of the text parser interface. These days all of these puzzle adventures are point-and-click. This is all well and good for parts where you are manipulating things (which a lot of Syberia's puzzles involve), but it is horrible for sequences where you are in large spaces and must recognize little things. Back in the day, (Early "X Quest" days), you would be walking around in the game world and if you entered a room, you could type in "look walls", and you would look at the walls and the game would tell you what was there, e.g. "there's a painting on the wall" You could the delve further into the peculiarities via typing further questions, and eventually realize, that maybe there was something behind there, tell the guy to move the painting, and get the cookie or whatever. If you tried to do something wrong, the game would do something so you would know you were headed down a blind alley,otherwise the info you would get back would usually contain something useful. So if you said "look bookshelf," the game would say "just a bunch of dusty books," or alternatively "one book looks less dusty than the others." So you could then say, "ah, mayhap I should take said book!" Then you did and the secret passage opens or whatever. In modern games, I feel too often you are reduced to panning your mouse around the scene trying to find a "hot spot" that indicates you can either go someplace or do something to an object. Mostly this happens with items that look like they are merely part of the scenery, and not objects to be manipulated, such as pictures on walls, or things that are way at the edge of the screen, where you are least likely to look. This was only an issue for me twice in this game, but when I get stuck because of something like that, it's most vexing.

All that being said, the two games tell a good story and were very visually pleasing. I enjoyed myself, so I cannot complain too much.


Oct. 11th, 2007 10:07 pm
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I haven't played The Sims 2 in a long time. Maybe I'll do that this weekend
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One thing I like about the Dawn of War franchise is being able to make your own color schemes:
lotsa pics )
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Last night, I went on Amazon and bought the PLATINUM (dun-dun) edition of Dawn of War, because since I never got around to buying the two expansions, buying this package, which includes the original game was actually cheaper than buying the two expansion packs. So, if anyone would like my old copy, do let me know.

I also bought the "Game of the Year Edition" of some game called The Longest Journey, because it looked pretty, and that Guillemots album.

Today, I bought Tow bottles of Wells' Bombardier, and one bottle of some bitter I've never tried, because bitter is my favorite type of English beer.
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Syberia was a pretty cool game. Three major complaints:

1. Some of he voice acting was fucking awful (e.g. Russians with British or American accents and, worse, using those cultures' figures of speech).
2. I really could have done without the soap opera shit on the telephone. I think there were three times where you had to use Kate's phone to get information to complete the game. Beyond that, it was just a conduit for drama completely unnecessary to the adventure.
3. TOO FUCKING SHORT!!! If I'd started at 0800 one day, I think I could've finished the game in 8 hours or less, which I think is short. And I was very disappointed with the game ending when it did. I had just gotten really absorbed and it ended. Just like that, I'd completed it (unless I completely missed something that would have drug it out longer). A huge portion of the stuff you learned about up to that point isn't even touched on in what you do. Is that in the sequel? The ending makes me suspect so, but I don't know. WANT MORE!!!

I could write stuff about real life; work interpersonal relationships, etc. I have stuff to say. But playing this game has been my focus the past few nights. Perhaps tomorrow or Friday I will write about me.


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