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After spending a good hour vacillating over what day to go -- something I rarely waste such time on, but that's another discussion for another time -- I went to VSL to get my hair cleaned up. And wound up with most of it getting chopped off. I wasn't sure what I really wanted done to it. When the lady asked me whether "we're cutting your hair or just cleaning it up and giving it shape," my answer was a bit uncertain. I said I wanted it "long-ish. shorter than it is now, but not short." I wound up with what I've got now. Those of you who have access to my FaceBook can see a badly-lit snap of it there, I can't be bothered right now to try to take a self-portrait that makes me look less hideous than usual and then post that to flickr. I have to eat lunch and stop by a couple stores and then come back and do laundry, because I leave for Tennessee tomorrow. If you don't want to visit Ye Tome of Visages, I guess it looks sort of Ben Gibbard-ish, but shorter in the front, maybe? I look like someone from this decade rather than a fugitive from the late '60s to early-'70s now. Which at least one of you probably considers to be a good thing.

I'm not sure I consider it good or bad. I guess it just is, like so much else in life. I do wish like hell I could remember the name of the woman who cut it, though. Because I don't hate it. Not in the least. It seems easy to take care of, which is a plus any day.
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Last night baranoouji, jduffy1535, and I pile into the mini and went to Ray's the Steaks. We had good food and split a bottle of good wine. Today, I went up to DuPont circle and got my hair cut. I kinda like it. The guy put some kind of straightening stuff in it. I guess if I want it to look how it did when he finished with it I need to buy some of that stuff. On the way home, I stopped in Rosslyn and went to a wine store. Today has been pretty good.

New Do
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One Week. ONE WEEK!

I managed to go all of one week, this time, before fucking up my sideburns while shaving. I had to "fix" it by cutting them shorter. Now they are only to about the bottom of my ear. A little shorter than in this icon. God Dammit.
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Today I shaved my face for the first time in six weeks.

The six weeks was prep time to get enough hair on my face to actually form sideburns, which I had cut off a few months ago because I needed pictures taken. As I was attacking the excess with my beard and mustache trimmer, it occurred to me that I could actually do the 19th-century connected sideburns and mustache thing, but that seemed a little too wild and crazy for work, so I decided against it. Also, I didn't think it would go with my hairstyle. I'd probably need a 19th-century haircut, too. Which I guess I could do. But grooming myself like a contemporary of Gilbert and Sullivan seemed like a bad idea unless I had clothing to match. Which I am sure you can buy, somewhere. But that just brings us back to the "too crazy for work" problem.

Sometimes I wish I had a job where I could do something totally crazy with fashion and grooming like that. Because I really do like those old clothes. But I really don't know what would constitute such a job. Perhaps if I were some kind of weird author, writing fanciful tales of space travel or mechanized warfare set in Victorian times. A bizarre alternate universe where great powers fight battles on the scale of Jutland between fleets of airships, and armies equipped with steam-powered tanks clash for control of the European continent, across battlefields where heavy coal smoke lingers in the air. Armored behemoths trundling across the countryside, clanking and wheezing, punctuated by shrieks as excess steam pressure is vented from a safety valve, and the occasional horrific crack as a boiler bursts. And all that before taking into account the noise of the guns. If I wrote stuff like that, it might not be so crazy if I dressed like a fugitive from the 1880s or 1890s. It would be like becoming one of my characters. And I'm sure it would be a hit at my book signings, where I would inscribe people's newly bought copies of my books with a replica 1890's fountain pen.

But stuff like that has been done before. By Jules Verne and others miles away more talented than I. So I guess I will have to be content with long hair and muttonchops. C'est la vie.

Today I woke hella late for the second day n a row. But that's OK since I had no place to be. I drove down to Merrifield to put the insurance bill in the mail, then had lunch at Arby's. I went to MicroCenter to buy a big hard drive and an external enclosure. In the area where they have all the OEM hard drives was a bin that claimed to be filled with 500 GB SATA drives. But it was a lie. Not a single drive in the bin had SATA connectors. Next bin over was 400 gig drives, but they were inexplicably more expensive despite being the same big-name brand and the same speed. So I passed on that. I'll just have to visit Mwave or Newegg sometime soon. I decided that since I burned the time and gasoline to get down there I should get something for my trouble, so I bought World in Conflict and a new mousepad. The game is pretty good so far.

Tomorrow I will process and upload my pictures from Colorado. I was going to do so today, but I don't fell like it any more. I think I will call some folks now and try to set up some fun for this evening.
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So, what happened during my extended weekend?

Friday, I had my hair cut. I didn't want to, but I needed to have some photographs taken and wanted my appearance to match (as closely as possible) the last set of photos I'd had. So after lunch, I went to a barber shop and told the lady to cut it "not terribly short" but to get it up off my ears and clean up the back, top, front, etc., which she then condensed to "cut the wavy hair off, right?" I reluctantly acknowledge that, yes, this was indeed what I was asking for. So now I again look like I do in this older icon. The past few days I've found myself trying to do thinks to hair I no longer have. It's weird. I want my hair back. Thankfully, hair grows. Anyway, afterward I went home and changed my shirt, because no matter what they do, you always wind up with annoying itchy clippings in your shirt, then wen to a photo place to get passport photos, which is why I cut the bloody hair to begin with. They turned out OK. I look less hideous than in my previous set.

Friday evening I had dinner with [ profile] baranoouji, [ profile] jduffy1535,his brother John, [ profile] damian792, and [ profile] becca5. Then we came back to my apartment to watch a movie. We watched Sneakers, which I purchased on the way home, along with Shaun of the Dead, volumes 4 and 5 of the Gunslinger Girl manga, and a new notebook (because I will soon run out of space in my current one). Drinks were provided by some of the others, as I have plentiful stock of hard liquor, but rarely keep beer or wine around.

Saturday I attempted to go to a camera store in Sterling, only to discover that said store no longer existed (or at least not in the location it occupied last time I visited. So I burned gasoline unnecessarily. The only thing I accomplished during the day was to get lunch, which I could easily have done here in Arlington. That evening, I went to Fast Eddie's in Fairfax with Tom, John, and Cav. Pranas came by for a while.We shot some pool and played darts. It was good. I don't see some members of that group too frequently anymore.

Yesterday I met up with Tom and Cav again, this time in Chantilly to eat buffalo wings and watch football. Julia came, too, but just to eat lunch. She called me and asked if I could give Tom a ride home afterward, so they could come in one car and she could just leave. I said that was fine. Gorged on wings, which I hadn't eaten in a while. Pats won, so that was good. On the way out there, I stopped by the Penn Camera in Fair Lakes, to do what I couldn't do Saturday (i.e. fiddle with prospective cameras). I played with Pentax, Sony, Canon, and Nikon DSLRs; discovered my mind had not changed, which was what I'd been seeking to confirm.

Last night I went to the Flying Fish for dinner. Sushi and a few beers. I sat in the downstairs (smoking) bar. There was a young attractive woman (ca. my age) there wearing a garment that can best be described as the top half of a hoodie. One of those looks designed to show oneself off, I guess. I found her presence to be more of an annoyance than anything else. She was drunk and loud. Lot's of people at the bar were drinking "sake bombs," which looked fun.
But back to me. Apparently the sushi chefs got slammed about the same time I placed my order, and my sushi took forever. And by the time mine was made, they'd run out of shrimp. But it was OK, what I got sans shrimp was just enough, since I'd had a big lunch. Also, the delay kept me there longer, which was good from another standpoint. I'd brought one of my Saw Doctors Cd's with me because last time I was there I'd told Marcie (one of the bartenders) that I would bring one for her to borrow. Marcie's been in Oregon visiting her father and North Carolina visiting her mother for the past few weeks. I'd thought she would be back last night, which is why I went. But she wasn't working. She actually did show up later, and after having her kidnapped from one conversation with me and having to wait while fucking everyone said hello, I got to talk to her and give her the CD. She said she was going to bring me a disc to listen to, I guess I'll stop by the bar one night this week to pick it up. Then she asked me over to a table where she and some of her friends were sitting. So I joined them. When Marcie and her friends left to go back to someone's house, I got out of there and came home. Marcie's reaction to my loan of the CD was... strange. She seemed moved...or touched...or something. Hard to describe. She thanked me, but not an off-handed or habitual "thanks." It was very serious and sincere-sounding. Don't know what to make of that. *shrug*

Marcie agrees that I should let my hair grow out again, and also opines that I should bring back my sideburns. Marcie wouldn't know, because last time we saw each other was before we left for out respective trips, but I cut my sideburns off in Oregon, before going to Andy and Theresa's wedding. Because three days before, a stylist had thinned them significantly. They looked very much in-progress at that point, so I decided to cut them off, reckoning no sideburns would look better than crappy ones. This I did in spite of the fact that only the previous week a positive judgment had been passed on said facial hair, and I regretted my decision almost immediately. But again, thank god, hair grows back. The sideburns, too, shall return.

Today was quiet. I did laundry. I also bought a camera, which is predicted to arrive in 7-10 business days. Got a good price.

So to recap: I changed my looks (though not by choice). I had fun with friends. Soon I will have a new toy to play with. Things are pretty good. I'm going to go find something to eat now.

Good Day

Sep. 18th, 2007 02:47 pm
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Today has been productive, in the ways days off should be. And also not.

I have a really good excuse fro spending two hours in the office today. See, last night I was on the internet, trying to find program listings for this interesting channel I get as part of my cable service, and I found this news story. And I was like wow, this is cool! MJ's team should know about this so they can, like do research and try to find it and stuff. So I printed it out and this morning I brought it in to give to her. We did a little looking, and found what the news was talking about, yay! Then I ate lunch with MJ and Libby (tuna melt, w00t!) and left.

En route home, I stopped at Pentagon City. I wanted to go to this new shaving store because I'm running out of shaving soap. I bought some more (lavender). It came in a little wooden bowl, which is nice. I also bought a travel-size shaving brush, so I can adhere to my wet-shave routine while away from home, and a styptic pen -- just in case, although I can't remember the last time I nicked myself.

I got a hair cut, just a trim though, it's still long. I told the stylist lady I just wanted it cleaned up a little so it wouldn't look out of control. She thinned my sideburns quite a bit :-(, but otherwise I have no complaints. What she did with it when she was through was sort of interesting. She showed me what was involved, it was all done with fingers, but I'm afraid I've already forgotten it. She asked me if I needed any products or such for styling, but I have no clue what to do with any of that stuff, so I passed. Stylist said she liked my leather jacket. This led to the revelation she likes to wear leather pants (owns two pairs!!!). Hair salons are funny places.

Interesting hair anecdotes:

  • yesterday at work, one of the ladies: "Look at your hair! Do need to borrow my barrettes?"
  • another lady: "Is that your BEATLES look-alike haircut"
  • today at the salon the stylist asked me if this was my natural hair color. When I replied in the affirmative, she asserted I was lucky and that people pay lots of money to get their hair this color. I suspect this was idle small-talkish flattery/BS. My hair is brown. And not a very unusual brown at that. Boring brown. Of course, I see it every day, so maybe that's why I consider it boring.


Aug. 24th, 2007 09:35 pm
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Today was my big presentation. Brought two coworkers with me, and I'm glad I did, because we got a myriad of questions which ran the gamut of each our expertise. All of us contributed to the discussion. The guy who set it up said we "planted a lot of good seeds" there. I think he was hoping what we brought would lead to people starting new efforts somewhere. That's not my department, though.

Conversation in the elevator on the way to the meeting:
CA: "Easy drive."
PlumBob: "I want to die."
MJ: "You will do well!"
CA: "Please don't [die]."

Those who were with me assessed my performance as "excellent," or "phenomenal" in front of "probably the most difficult audience we'll ever face." I've no clue myself. Much of it is a blur. I remember sweating. Lots from my forehead. I can't remember if the room was hot, but that could have been nerves. It felt hot. As a rule, I hate being the center of attention, unless it's my birthday and people are giving me presents. I really hate standing in front of people and giving presentations. I've gotten better over the years, but this was different than most I've done, because this one was to senior folks from another organization. If I'm presenting to people who are my peers (i.e. other analysts, like at a conference) I do fine, but big wigs freak me out still.

Anyway, it's over. Now I just hope no one at this meeting decides another important person should see this thing (if you recall, that's how I got into this mess to begin with). One other thing nags at me. The guy who set things up was making a big deal about how long we've been working this problem, and also how much expertise our group has in our issue (Several of our folks have been on this for 10+ years, I've been there for seven). I can imagine our group being raided for people to lead similar efforts in other offices -- "You're so good at your job we desperately need you to do something else." But I hope that's just my cynicism talking.

Staying in tonight. I'm really tired.

My hair moves a lot when I shake my head. I like it.

I also like Yes, Virgina. It's a good album.


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