Feb. 27th, 2008 03:31 pm
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One of the pieces of advice Consumer Reports gives to people who are shopping for a new vehicle is never to fall in love with a particular model of car. I guess this advice is sound in principle, but it doesn't really work for me. I like to drive. Several months back, I hopped in car and drove to Harrisonburg and back for no reason. I just wanted to drive. Long distance driving is a therapeutic experience for me. Two years ago, I was feeling like a total burn-out. I was sick and tired of work; I was sick and tired of DC; I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I took two weeks off of work and went to Charleston for a week. I consider the nine hours I spent on the road down to South Carolina my best expenditure of time that whole year. That long drive was more help to me than anything else. I love driving. I love the road.  Accordingly, I think driving should be something one does not just out of necessity, but out of desire. A deep-rooted desire you feel in your heart and in your bowels. I want to be in love with my car.

Today I drove a MINI Cooper S. I went out to MINI of Sterling, said I wanted to take a test drive, and they said "Sure!" They photocopied my license, took down my insurance info, handed me the "key" (an electronic widget that you stick in a slot by the steering wheel), explained the controls and sent me on my merry way. "You're not coming with me," says I?

"Nope, you're going on your own." Hee hee. Awesome. No sales dude yakking about features in my ear while I'm trying to get the feel of the machine? I love this!  I drove for about a half-hour on major streets (not on the highway, but the 45-mph limit roads I was on were good enough to get a feel for how the car accelerated, braked, etc. I did two runs  along the same route. When I turned around to come back, I made a U-turn....into the LEFT LANE.

GOD DAMN it's a fun car to drive. It's nimble and zippy, which is what I want most in a car. It's smaller than the Jetta I have now -- another thing that attracted me to it in the first place -- yet I have more room in the driver's seat.The turn signal lever felt a little strange at first, because when you push it up or down, it doesn't stay there, it goes immediately back to it's neutral position, but I soon got used to that. The steering wheel felt good in my hands. The engine sounded great. Throaty. I felt something I hadn't felt since 2000. I felt like I belonged in this car. I had the same feeling I had when I test-drove a Jetta and knew immediately it was the car for me. I drove a Ford Mustang a year or two ago, and while it was nice, I didn't feel this same connection between man and machine. The MINI just feels right. It's a car I can love. When I got back to the dealership and got out of the car, I was grinning. I just had to stand there and look at the car and say "WOW." And giggle a little.


I'm gonna buy one. I just need to decide when. And get the loan. But first I have to pick the color. And there's three I really like! This is going to be hard.

When I got home, I had  a message saying my new glasses were ready. A whole week earlier than promised. So I walked down the street and picked them up. It's been a good few days off. I got toys, music, new glasses, and found a dream car. Few things could make this week better.
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Tonight I went out and played pool with Tom, the three John's, Molly and Pranas. It was good times. I payed for everything because I wanted to share my joy over my promotion. Spending money on others makes me happy.

Tomorrow night I hope to get together with some of my other dearest friends.

Over the past few days I watched Madlax. I finished it this afternoon. I really enjoyed that series. It had girls with guns, and the plot kept me guessing. Just when I thought I'd figured things out, something else happened to show me I was wrong. I like that in a show. Next I'll watch Desert Punk, which is on loan from a coworker (not MJ). Need to decide what to buy after that. The short list is Black Heaven, Noir, Fullmetal Alchemist, You're Under Arrest. Having a hard time choosing.

Monday I leave on a business trip to St. Louis for a conference. Mt teammate, who I'm traveling with, isn't exactly a party animal, but there should be other folks I know at the conference who I can go out and have a blast with. Also, one of my former co-workers is out there now, and I look forward to seeing him and his wife again. This trip could be good.
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Fell better tonight than I have in weeks.


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