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... with a girl who looks just like her

Ignore the corpse in the alleyway. That I could do without.

Am off to the parents' house tomorrow. Get picked up at 1030


Aug. 10th, 2007 06:26 pm
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Work is OK. On Tuesday I gave a presentation to the director of our directorate (one level below agency director) and her immediate subordinates, the office directors, at their staff meeting. This was the same briefing I'd given to tour groups six times the previous Tuesday, and was to be the last time I was going to be doing it. But one of those who saw it had other ideas. Shortly after returning to my cube I found an e-mail from someone who'd been in the meeting via VTC saying we'd arrived at a "fortuitous nexus" (yes this guy actually used that term), wherein people at this other place had been asking about our efforts against a given problem -- something the presentation I'd just given directly addressed -- and suggesting (ha!) that the person who is our liaison with this group get my group on the calendar to brief this group's leadership ASAP. My first thought: "fuck." My seniors offered to let me off the hook,and have someone else give the brief, but I'm going to do it. I am, however, dragging one of them along, in case this audience asks any questions I am less well-equipped to answer; I've only been on the job about seven years after all, and my branch has been doing business for 10+. The moral of the story is that a job well done may net you accolades and rewards, but will almost always bring extra work. Or more concisely, "no good deed goes unpunished." The big show is Friday after next. We'll see how it goes. If this ends with "the so-and-so should really see this," I'm killing myself. I signed up to do a dog-and-pony show for visitors, not talk to progressively bigger big-wigs.

On Monday, I had a 42-minute telephone conversation with the Penguin. We talked about our families, my recent trips to Germany and New York (she wants to go to The Cloisters now), and our elementary school's upcoming 50-year anniversary alumni do. She thinks she's going to go. I haven't decided yet. I told her more about the Saw Doctors concert, and she said she wasn't going to go. Not doing much social stuff lately she said. It seems she is freaking out about impending doom starting her first year as a classroom teacher. We said we'd get together for dinner or some such when things were less crazy. Give our track records following up with this sort of thing, that may or may not happen.

Friday was Saw Doctors. I got a message when I left work to call [ profile] damian792. News: "no[ profile] becca5 tonight; need to offload one ticket." He had some suggestions, but I had my own ideas and called Charlotte, who agreed to come out with us. The artist formerly known as the self-styled "gastronaut" met me at my apartment and after initial trouble finding myself a source of fire, we set out. Grabbed food at Five Guys en route, ate in the car, and got to the Birchmere with plenty of time. We hung around outside and waited for Charlotte, not really caring about any opening act. It was just this one guy with a guitar, so we didn't really miss anything. Charlotte showed up and we went inside, where we drank beer and rocked out. The band put on a great show as they always do.Charlotte seemed to enjoy it. I, of course, had one hell of a time.

I had today off, as I have an important meeting with folks from out of town on Monday, and moved my day off to today. I was going to be productive by cleaning the house, but overslept and just haven't felt motivated to do anything except get lunch and write this entry. No clue what I'm doing tonight. Tomorrow I'm seeing Phantom of the Opera at the Kennedy Center with friends, but it's a matinée, so my evening is free. I have no clue what I'll be doing then, either, as most of the folks I normally like to hang out with are off to the beach. Perhaps I'll go out and try to make some new friends, unless others of my existing friends have any clue of something fun to do. I think I shall wait and see. I live a lot of my life like that.


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