Aug. 1st, 2009 10:57 am
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I have too much stuff. When I actually stop to consider it, I think perhaps I should get rid of a bunch of these clothes that no longer fit me, but another part of me says that if I do that, I throw away one of my incentives to lose weight.


I should look into getting a suit for Pranas' wedding in October.

This blueberry pie is damned good. Rodney makes a damn good pie.


Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:48 pm
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Going through wihdrawal and desirous of a tasty treat. Ice cream, pie, or cheesecake would all do nicely. I have none of these. Fuck, I don't even have any cookies here.


Mar. 8th, 2009 04:48 pm
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Work is going to be hella busy for the next few months. Stressful, too -- mostly (though not totally) due to things being so damned busy.

Making sandwiches for lunch and cooking somewhat more often seems to have at least stabilized my weight. Now I need to start losing. It's hard to get motivated to walk unless I'm actually trying to get someplace to do something. Unsure how to fix this. Walked quite a bit in Williamsburg yesterday, though. Idly considering a membership at a local county rec center.

Friday night I wanted to scream and throw things. Feeling better now, though.


Dec. 14th, 2008 11:09 pm
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I need better headphones for my iPod and iPhone.

This week will be difficult because of my odd 0630-1700 schedule. But starting next week I'm going to start on long walks around the neighborhood. Becca's probably right, if I'm serious about getting less fat I will need something more intensive, but walking is a start.  And to make it easier I'm going to end my smoking habit. Last week I refrained from smoking for the whole work day, every day. It's clear at this point I don't feel any actual need to smoke. I do it just to be doing something. I can stop any time I want. So I'm just going to do it.

I have no unreasonable expectations, but I'd like to be a little less fat in mid-July, when Otakon happens. Because I'm going to dress up this year. I need to make damn sure to get the preparations for that done when they should be, too. Because I've told Mary Jane I'm going to. And I don't want to make myself a liar in front of her.
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So the weather was beautiful again today.

Cut for rambling )


Jul. 13th, 2008 02:54 am
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Christ, I want to smoke. But I don't have nay cigarettes. So I won't.
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I just spend five minutes pacing stretch of sidewalk trying to decide whether to go to a store and buy cigarettes or just go home and stay quit. I flip=flopped at least three times. I'm home now. Drinking scotch I still don't have any smokes.

Sometimes I sicken myself.


Jul. 1st, 2008 07:24 pm
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I made it through the day without  snapping at anyone or being generally unpleasant, so I guess I'm doing alright.

It's been about 20 hours.

I want pie.
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I really need to learn to look in my cupboards before I go grocery shopping. Perhaps even makes lists. Because I keep coming home with stuff I already have (e.g. kidney beans and tuna fish) and without stuff i need and don't have (e.g. mayonnaise and rice).

I'm going to try to cut back on some of my expenditures. This statement may sound silly having just ordered a rather pricey automobile, but I'm serious. I've been telling myself I should stop spending so much damn money for a while now, mainly because I've been planning for some time to get a new car. Well, now that I'm going to have a car payment again (and pretty certainly a bigger one than last time, despite putting down a significantly larger down payment), I'm going to get serious about it.

A quick perusal of any monthly credit card statement will show that for most of my expenditures fall into three broad categories: food, gasoline, and toys. The gasoline I can't do a whole lot about, because I have to get to work every day (although the MINI gets pretty good gas mileage, better I think than my current car, so that may drop down a little, unless I offset it by taking long drives for no damn good reason). Where I can make cuts are food and toys. Toys are easy, don't buy 3-5 CDs at a shot, or don't buy two or three anime box sets, when it's going to take me a month to watch just one. I think I can do that. Say, make only one shopping trip for toys a month, and buy one thing.  I will not do what I did yesterday, saying "oooh, DCfC"  and "OOOH, VOLTRON!!!" when all I was really in the store to buy was TurboTax.

Food is the other big cost for me. There are always several restaurants on my statement. Sometimes the charges are only a day or two apart. I don't cook enough. I go on cooking kicks, where I will cook for a week or two, but I always get lethargic and slip into the habit of eating out routinely. I ate out every day this week except tonight (cooked pseudo-Chinese thing), and bought lunch every day, too. I'm going to try a new rule. No dining out alone. Unless I'm going to go out with friends, I will cook for myself. It may be hot dogs or grilled cheese, or soup, or even that old university standby, ramen, but I will cook. At the grocery store today, I got stuff for a weeks worth of lunches and dinners for around $30. When eating out, I can easily spend that much on one dinner $30 * 4 weeks = $120. If I eat out ten nights a month, that could be $300 already. TOO MUCH. It's silly to pay that much money and not have any companionship. I think I can do this fairly easily too. I only see people Friday and Saturday (sometime only one) and the occasional Wednesday. And on at least two of those days, I should be able to cook myself something before I have to meet anyone. Unless I become significantly more popular (HA!!) and start having a full social calendar, I think this is doable.

I'm also going to quite smoking, since my last two week-long cig-fasts were so easy. And my 1-2 pack-a-day habit is hella expensive (at least $28 a week)
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So I had this entry all planned out in which I talk about things I want to buy, things I want to do, and things I want to change about myself. But we have to push that aside now, because I have something much more exciting.

I went down to the Flying Fish tonight to get dinner. Shortly before I was planning on leaving, a girl comes in, orders a bottle of saké and sits down at the bar with her phone out. She's pretty so I look over at her and smile, and she smiles back. So I ask her if she's waiting for someone. And she says that yes, and she wants to call him to tell him where she is, but she has no reception. "Yeah," I say, "this basement eats signals (we were downstairs)."  So she goes away and makes here phone call, and then she comes back and sits down and we look at each other again. And at this point, rather than doing what I would normally do ("grrrr...she's waiting for a guy, my life sucks" *sulk*), I ask her is she's waiting for her boyfriend. And she says "He's not my boyfriend, but I'm waiting for a guy."  

So we start talking. About saké, mostly, because she mentions she's a bit of a saké snob (we both agree it is awesome because it's a clean buzz with no hangover). And her friend eventually shows up, so she's dividing time between hi and me, but we talk for a while about what we do, and where we went to school, and what we studied. And about Guinness (she loves Irish car bombs), and Vietnamese restaurants. And a little about movies. An,d needless to say, rather than doing something intelligent like going home to get a good night's sleep, I stick around and have another beer.

And then the time comes when she's paid her tab and is getting ready to go. And at that point instead of what I would normally do (nothing "no point trying, they always say no" *sulk*), I say "Hey, would you like to go out some time?" And she said "yeas!" Enthusiastically, too, just like that. And she gave me her a-mail address (not a phone number, but better than nothing, and she says she never answers it, anyway), and then asks for mine so she will recognize it when I e-mail her. And I told her I would e-mail her later this week, so we can get together.

I can't describe how out of character this was for me. I was scared, but instead of being my normal cowardly self, I said "the hell with it," and made a move. I have no idea why tonight was different.

I'm excited, but nervous. I don't know what day I should e-mail her. Early enough that if I suggest something this weekend her calendar won't be full, but not so early I look overeager. God, I feel like I'm in that movie Swingers. But I'm still really psyched that I was able to approach this girl and ask her out, something I normally have a major problem with.


Jan. 26th, 2008 11:10 pm
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I as bad tonight. I smoked. Tomorrow I think I may start over again.


Jan. 26th, 2008 11:57 am
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Just had my second (let's call it the real one) wake-up. Popped some  ibuprofen (headaches every morning starting Tuesday? why am I doing this behavior modification again?), now I'm going to get ready to go out. I plan to et lunch, then go to the auto show. That should eat up most of he day. Some friends out-of-pocket tonight. Want to hang with others. People I know IRL, think of me please! Two of you have my phone number. Some others of you I have friended via openID and can read the contact info, located here.

Bye now!
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Last night I couldn't sleep. Today I couldn't think straight. I don't think I remember even a quarter of what I saw, read, said, or did. On the way home, through the accident-fucked traffic, I shrieked at the other motorists and fought the urge to beat myself to death with my car steering wheel. If memory serves, this is normal for day four. I think things get better soon.


Jan. 21st, 2008 09:21 pm
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Stayed in and had pizza, because if I had walked to Matuba I would have been close to 7-11, and it would have been all too easy to say "fuck this shit!" and buy cigarettes.

Not even sure I actually want to quit right now, but I know that smoking now would wire me up for the rest of the night and that would be bad.
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Here it is, New Year's Eve (New Year's Day, already, in some places) and I have yet to post a proper after-action report from Christmas. I just haven't felt like it, I guess.

Christmas )

I hope everyone else had a Joyous Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, Sunreturn, or whatever you choose to celebrate. Or if you choose to celebrate nothing, I hope you had a good ordinary day.

What else is new?  Well, between the multiple broken things on my car, my two repair visits cost me $1751.49, OUCH!  That's more than a whole normal paycheck for me. I put the repairs on the credit card, so needless to say I won't be buying much fun stuff with that magnetized piece of plastic until I pay off this month's bill. It will be a whopper, but not the largest I've ever had, I do not think.

Friday night my friend Thomas was in town, so I talked him into driving me down to Alexandria, for a night out. It was pretty good. Felt awful the following day, though. Much water and ibuprofen helped. Saturday's wedding was enjoyable. Having a couple kids act as DJ's yielded "interesting" music at the reception. It was quite funny watching people rock out to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" at a wedding.

Saturday night, I watched football with the boys.

Last night I went on an anime binge and watched the complete Hellsing series, which my brother gave me for Christmas last year. I enjoyed the story, animation and characters immensely.  I have a new anime crush, Seras. She has all of the things I general look for in a  female anime character. Namely, she is pretty and carries a gun. In her case, a VERY BIG gun, as you can see in the image to the left. I wonder if I can get a figure of her someplace. I may go an read the manga now, because I have read that the TV series and manga are very different. Hellsing Ultimate -- the more recent OAV -- is supposed to be truer to the original source material, but only three volumes of it were released here in the US before Geneon, went under. I don't know what will happen to the fourth volume, whether some other company will pick up the license for the series. Because of this I am hesitant to buy what exists of it now, for fear I may never get to see the end.  I'm also unsure if another company would release the whole thing again. Although I'm pretty sure they would if they picked up the series license. The demise of Geneon, bummed me out a bit when I heard about it. They were distributing Black Lagoon, which I wanted to see, but hadn't started buying yet. The first season is completely out now. Not sure if I will buy it or not. I think when I finish here tonight, I may start watching Madlax, which I am pretty excited about. The next series I think I will purchase will be Black Heaven, which from what I can discern involves a failed heavy metal band that must reunite so their music can power a superweapon that is the only thing that can repel an alien assault on planet Earth. OK, I guess that's enough anime talk, for now.

You may have discerned that I am not celebrating New Year's. This is because A) I have to work tomorrow and must rise very early, and B) I have, in recent years, come to regard New Year's as a bullshit holiday. I see little to celebrate in a clock rolling over. I'm not really big on the omnipresent "New Year's Resolutions" either, but I do feel there are some ways in which I can improve myself. I'm going to list them here now, more for my own benefit than anything else.
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