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So now that I ahve a laptop, I need a laptop bag. What I really want is a bag that will hold my laptop, camera, and associated stuff.

This would be perfect:
Timbuk2 Japan Laptop Camera Bag

But it's not sold in the US, so I guess I will have to get a Timbuk2 laptop bag and a photo bag insert from someplace else. It's kind of vexing.

Also, Elizabeth and the Catapult are a good band.

New toy

May. 14th, 2009 09:46 pm
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I'm updating using iJournal, which is a Mac OS X livejournl client. The more astute of you may deduce therefore that I now own a Macintosh computer. I used the annual big birthday check from the 'rents, and some of my own money, to buy myself one of the new aluminum MacBooks. I love this thing. Like my iPod and IPhone it is a beautiful machine. The keyboard feels great. Strangely I seem to make fewer typos on this thing than on any desktop keyboard I use. I really like the big touchpad, too. And syncing the Mac's address book, googe contacts, and phone works flawlessly. Love, love, love this computer.

I'm slowly getting used to the differences between is machine and my PC. The different way of installing applcations was a big surprise. Everything on this omputer is so...simple. The PC's been getting neglected a bit lately.

Went to Annapolis to see Vienna Teng last night. Had a blast. The opening act was great, and Vienna was awesome as usual, and I bought her new CD and got another autograph and got my picture taken with her. It was all I could do not to squee.

I find myself emotionally drawn to people who create things. Musicians, photographers. Hell, even programmers. I suspec it's because such things are beyond my own feeble capacity.

New Toy

Sep. 8th, 2008 11:48 pm
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Lens came today.

Let me preface this by saying: "I am an idiot." Turns out the "scratch" on my original lens was a very small, thin, linear piece of stubborn debris.  But, anyway, NEW LENS!!!

It's very nice. It has a "supersonic" motor built in, so it focuses nearly silently. Very sturdily constructed. Huge Focus Ring for easy manual focus. It's a beast, though. Damn thing weighs over a pound. Very pleased with it, though. Can't wait to go out and shoot with it. I think I shall do that this weekend. I love my toys.
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I need a lens for my camera. Not an additional one, but a replacement. At some point (Pike's Peak, I'll wager). My lens got scratched. Now I need to decide whether to buy the new version of the same lens I have now, or this lens. A straight replacement would be around $130. To step up would be $675. Either way, I'll also be getting a filter this time so I don't scratch the new bloody lens.

Any thoughts? Budget is a minor concern, as I can just cut back on other toys.
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Seeing your iPhone track you via GPS as you walk through a parking lot to your car. I LOVE my new toy!!
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Looks like Samsung and Sprint have rolled out an aspiring iPhone killer.
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A short while ago, I finished watching (or actually mostly listening, because I was looking at other things on the net at the same time) Steve Jobs' keynote address at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (why it's called WWDC when "worldwide" is one word is beyond me). Really kind of a pointless exercise, because I could easily have gotten the news I cared about  from the Apple website, but for some reason I wanted to see the address. I like listening to Steve Jobs. I think it's his voice.

So, on July 11 the new iPhone 3G is going on sale. It seems like a pretty cool device. I'd played around with the first iPhone at Apple and AT&T stores recently, and had pretty much decided I wanted one. But I was waiting to see if a new one was coming out. Then when the stores ran out of iPhones and it became clear a new one was soon to be announced, I started really looking forward to today. I think it's neat that the new iPhone has GPS in it. But the best thing from my POV is that they slashed the price by $200 dollars. Now granted, if they'd significantly upgraded the device (3G and GPS qualifies I think), I probably would have been willing to pay the old price for one, but now that it's down around the cost of some not-so-smart phones I'd been looking at, it seems like a steal. I will have one. The 8GB model I think. I already have an 80GB iPod for my growing music library, so all I would need in an iPhone is enough space for enough music to last me a TDY (usually about a week, and I usually have week-long music moods, so syncing songs from one or two genres for a trip should work out fine). I will have one. And I am already on AT&T, so switching to the new phone will be easy.

I am considering getting a gmail account and using it for e-mailing people, and using my comcast account for shopping and as a spam-sink. Appreciate evaluations from users of that platform.

I kind of miss LJ. I don't get very many comments over here from my old LJ friends. I assume (or, at least, I'd like to think) it's because commenting over here is more work. I guess it's possible I've become more boring, though. In fact that's very possible as I have historically written a lot of crap in this thing, both before and after my move. Sometimes I think I should write more about the serious things I occasionally think about. But I'm not sure about doing that here. I kind of see this thing as a diary and a way of keeping in touch with friends more than as a blog to spew my actual deep, serious thoughts into the world. Though going by what I've said at the beginning of this paragraph, it's now even failing at that second stated purpose. I mentioned to gaudium_et_spes on the phone yesterday that I had been thinking about maybe setting up a separate rant/soapbox/idea blog using wordpress or some such. I was looking at some of those platforms earlier tonight while listening to the keynote. Haven't yet arrived at a decision on that.

I can't make up my mind what my mood is right now.


May. 30th, 2008 04:56 pm
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Cover flow looks much less lame now. Found cover art for all but one of my albums. The one I couldn't find was  self-published by a band at school that doesn't exist any more. Guess I'll scan the cover and resize the image. Or I would if I had a scanner.


May. 30th, 2008 04:08 pm
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I bought an 80 GB iPod today. Came home, downloaded iTunes, added all my music to its library. Some stuff got copied twice. Went through and deconflicted. Not all artwork moved over. Connected to iTunes store, fixed most of that. Some couldn't be fund. Currently copying album art off of Amazon and wherever else I can find it and adding manually to albums. What a pain...
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Yesterday, 9 May, was my birthday. I turned 30.

A bunch of us went to Les Halles, downtown. Almost all of us had some variation of steak-frites because, well, what else are you gonna have when you go there? It's really hard to look past the steaks on the menu. I also had a bowl of French onion soup that was really good. I got a couple cards and some presents. damian792 gave me some Japanese language instruction software and a Japanese-English dictionary. The package is by a company I'm not familiar with, but he says it's a good outfit, and I trust him because he's a big language person. I've made some noise about wanting to learn Japanese or a while now, and had been wanting to enroll in a class, but I have trips coming up for work that would cause me to be absent, and I didn't want to spend a few hundred dollars on instruction and  wind up missing days and be lost. It would kind of defeat the point. I've never learned a language using Cd's or computer programs, but I'm interested to see how it works out. This is one of the coolest and most thoughtful gifts I've ever gotten. becca5 got me the first Inspector Lynley novel, A Great Deliverance, which was a great gift choice but for the fact I've already read it. But, I love Lynley, and it came with a gift receipt, so I can just go to Barnes & Noble and exchange it for another of the series that I haven't got yet.

After dessert (during which the gang had the staff put a candle in my chocolate mousse and snag "Happy Birthday"), we went to Fadó, in Chinatown for drinks. baranoouji was not feeling well, so she and jduffy1535 left shortly after we got there. John and Mollie left next. The last three of us stayed until around midnight, I guess, then called it a night. All-in-all it was a good birthday. It was good to be with friends.

There's not a whole lot more to report from this week. A meeting and work has caused me to switch from merely dislike of/annoyance at one of my coworkers to full-blown hatred. He's a tool.

Oh, I went to the doctor yesterday to talk about my gout, since I was worried that it's affecting me in places it previously had not. He put me on a preventive medicine, allopurinol. It doesn't abort attacks, but should attack the root cause of them. After my doctor's office visit, I went to the credit union to pick up my auto loan package. I also got a cashier's check for the down payment, and $30 in quarters (laundry money). The credit union headquarters, where I picked up the loan is near Tyson's Corner, so I popped by the mall and went to the Apple store to have a look at the iPhone. I fiddled around with it a bit, sending a text message to myself on my phone. I think they are right about starting off typing with one finger until you get the hang of their on-screen keyboard, although I gave it a try with two thumbs also, and only made a few mistakes. I tried the web browser and visited a couple of my favorite webcomics' sites. The browser seems to work quite well. I had no problem figuring things out, probably thanks to having watched the "tour" videos on the website. Having google maps on the phone is really neat. I have to say, I think the iPhone is a pretty slick device, and I am most tempted to get one. The only worry I have is that if I get one, I may become a "texting" fiend. The reason I don't do it now is because I have a regular phone with just a telephone keypad, and typing words on that thing is a pain in the ass. A device with a qwerty keyboard would make this much easier. There are rumors on-line of a new 3G (i.e. faster internet) iPhone coming out this summer; I'm trying to decide whether to wait for it. Regardless, I think I'm leaning towards wanting one. There's another Apple store near the Barnes & Noble in Clarendon, so I think I will explore some more when I go to exchange my book.

Turning to the music front, I'm looking forward to Gin Blossom's on 22 May. I'm going to get a ticket for Saw Doctors in August at the Birchmere. This  is an invitation for locals (I am glancing in papercuppie's direction, right now). I could really use a live Vienna Teng fix, right now, but I do not see any upcoming shows nearby on her web site.

A while back, over on LJ, I was quoted part of a song in response to one of my more introspective mopes. I found it one youtube yesterday and listened to it. A LOT. It's pretty good.


Apr. 20th, 2008 07:46 pm
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I want a new phone. I'm trying to decide between a New Motorola (either the RAZR2 V9 or the MOTO Z9) or an iPhone.  One of these days I must visit an Apple Store.
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Doing laundry now.

Think I may get my hair trimmed when that's done.

Also, I'd like to say it's totally awesome having your PC connected to the stereo.

Also, I love warm weather. Yay, shorts!


Dec. 15th, 2007 05:58 pm
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Today I exercised my God-given weekend right and slept ridiculously late. Then I went to Ballston Commons (not as suicidal as it sounds, as BC is a miserable excuse for a mall), had lunch at Chick-fil-a, and bought an inexpensive digital watch to wear until my real watch comes back from the shop. On the way back the garage, I saw an AT&T wireless store. I remembered that on the way home through the Palisades and Georgetown the past few days I had seen a few of those lite brite trailers announcing "hands-free in DC or $100 dollar fine." Now I typically leave work late enough that I'm likely to get calls from friends while still in the District. I have no desire to ignore friends, and a negative desire to give DC my money. So I went into the wireless store and bought myself one of those bluetooth headsets. Got a good deal, too. The Motorola model I bought cost only $39.99. It's not one of the ultra-fancy tiny ones, but it works. Hooray spontaneous tech-gluttony!
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Back when I was building my PC, I bought a motherboard that would allow me to have two graphics cards if I wanted. At the time I only bought one. I was just checking out what's new in the graphics card world and discovered I could get TWO of a newer more capable card with DirectX 10 support for just a little more than it would cost to by a second card of the type I have now. That's pretty screwed up. Not that I need DirectX 10 support, because I do not have Vista (DX 10 is Vista-only).
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Try to explain this one. Sitting on the coffee table my phone showed full strength reception. I picked it up to make a call, (moved all of three feet)l and the single strength dropped by half. Actually dial and the call failed. WTF? And I still don't know what the deal is with its sudden fear of pockets.

So I went to a local Cingular AT&T store to look at phones, but didn't see anything there that immediately screamed "buy me!"so I didn't make any purchases. I think I will hold off in case my phone trouble of yesterday and today is just a fluke. I'm hoping not to be buying a new phone really soon, because I do like my current mobile, but If this problem persists to mid-week, I'm getting a new one. Phone not working in home is bad when most calls are received at home. If I do get a new phone, it will probably be a Samsung SYNC, mainly because from what I've read it's address book sounds better than my phone's (single entry for a person with multiple numbers attached, rather than an entry for each number. I was idly considering buying an unlocked version of a phone AT&T doesn't carry, but as that would be flipping expensive,I will probably not go that route.

I was at the Lost Dog today and saw someone I knew from work. She was in my basic PI course. Id didn't speak to her though. She was with the same guy she was with last time I saw her, which was quite a while ago. I was trying to remember when exactly that was, and found that I couldn't. It's funny how memory works. I remember that last time I saw Sarah was on a Thursday night in Shirlington, when I was sitting on a bench between the Books-A-Million and the Capitol City brewing Company, waiting to meet [ profile] jduffy1535 and his brother for dinner. But I can't for the life of me remember when that was temporally-speaking. I think it was when I was still rooming with Rob, which puts it before February of last year. Why is it I can remember little details so clearly, but can't place them in time? Strange.

I went to the Dairy Godmother this evening. That was good.

Last night I had dinner at Southside 815 in Alexandria. I had a fried oyster po'boy and a couple of beers. That was good. There was a girl two seats down who was kind of pretty, but she yacking with her friend and I couldn't think of anything good to interrupt with. I thought about stopping by another bar before going home, but decided against it. I don't like to drink more than two if I'm driving. So instead I just went home by way of the 7-11. I bought a 40 of Schlitz and a 12-pack of Miller Lite. Then I drank and screwed around on the internet for far too long. It was 0430 by the time I went to bed. Wok up at 1000 and 1200, before finally crawling out of bed at 1400 today. That was exceeding stupid. First meal was around 1600. I'm not particularly tired right now. I'm getting a little hungry again, and am trying to decide whether to eat again. I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Maybe my car will be struck by a meteorite or swallowed by a sink-hole overnight. That would be a good excuse.


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