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May. 23rd, 2008 12:31 am
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Went to Gin Blossoms with papercuppie and her friend. It was fun. Not as good as the last time I saw them at The State though. They had sound problems all night. And they didn't play Mrs. Rita. And there were some real assholes at the show. But I still ha d a good time, 'cuz I was with good people.

Hey, Discovery Channel fans, look! There's a Deadliest Catch video game!  
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The new season of Deadliest Catch began last night, reminding me why I have cable. It's really good in HD.  Wanted Dead or Alive is a great theme song selection. But now every time I hear it on the radio I want seafood :-( I stayed up far too late last night and horribly overslept this morning. Thankfully the boss-lady doesn't really care.

Tonight, I have not one, but two tuna melts. And a pile of Cheetos. The puffy ones. Yay unhealthy yumminess.

I was thinking of watching some anime or a movie tonight, but starting now, as late as it is doesn't seem like the best idea. Perhaps tomorrow. I guess I'll just screw around on the internet for a while Probably for too long, honestly. The DVR is recording Mythbusters, so I can watch that at my leisure. I hope we see a lot of Kari in tonight's. She's pretty.

Also very pretty, the girl in the Verizon wireless commercial. The one where she comes out of he elevator.Only complaint I have is that she removes her glasses in the first seconds of the ad. Noooooo!

Enough silliness from me.
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Non-technical post, yay!

Sushi tonight w/ Joe and Ed. was good. I love sake. Had a small  carafe with dinner. Just drank half a bottle while watching recorded TV shows. Inspector Lynley rocks!  Can't hold a candle to Morse, but rocks nonetheless. Apparently back in October I missed a NOVA program about about samurai swords. Which are now banned in the UK. Except for the expensive ones sought by collectors collectors. So if a body ever shows up cut by a katana, Lynley must confine his investigation to wealthy sword collectors. Which should make his job easier.

I go bed now.


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