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when you're hanging around talking to your girlfriend and she says, "you see, I've become this ultimate weapon." Just finished watching Saikano: The Last Love Song on This Little Planet. I can finally return the series to MJ, now. It was good. But sad. Also crazy/fucked-up. But on the hole I enjoyed it. Next I think I will watch the Hellsing DVDs my brother gave me last Christmas. Then I have Madlax. Another coworker of mine is going to loan me Desert Punk next week. I have several volumes of manga I need to read, as well as the first Full Metal Panic novel. Also a ton of books, including The Forgotten Genius, which I had almost finished but set aside for some reason.

How am I going to get through all of this‽ There's so much to do. Anime, manga, regular books. Plus hanging out with friends, computer games, laundry, cooking cleaning, work, AAAAAGH!  Too much stuff!!!!

My car is at the VW dealership, because I think the garage in Arlington put something back together wrong. It runs, but the car is not like it was before. I have a rental car ($28 per diem) so I can get to work. It is a Mitsubishi Galant. I do not like it. Hopefully my car will be ready tomorrow.

Going to a wedding this weekend. Should be good. I like weddings

I've typed this in "Lucinda Sans," solely to make use of the interrobang (‽). God, I'm such a geek.
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