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I spent last week in St. Louis, Missouri for a working group/conference. St. Louis seems like a nice place, although it's awful quiet for being a major city. The town just doesn't have that big city vibrancy you find in New York, or even here in DC.

Got to StL on Monday, went into the office and caught up on e-mails, got the particulars on an unrelated meeting I needed to have with some folks out there, as well as another meeting I need to attend tomorrow. Then checked into the hotel. My coworker and I over to the Gateway Arch, which was only a block away. Got a few pictures, which I will post to flickr when I am less lazy. Wandered around the city for a while and got dinner.

Tuesday the working group started. I gave my presentation. It was OK. I think I may have rushed through it a little, but this may just be my self-critical nature overreacting, as it was well received by the audience. That night there was a "no-host" (i.e. "our cheap-ass agency won't give us money to host you") social at a blues club. I had a good steak and listened to some good music. Also five beers. I left early (9:30) because the other folks in my hotel were also leaving, and I had no clue about the safety of walking the St. Louis streets at night. Apparently I had nothing to worry about, but the observed lack of people walking around the previous night made me cautious. On my return to the hotel, I went to the bar in the connected restaurant and stayed until  they closed at 11:30. The bartender there was beautiful. She had blonde hair and eyeglasses.

Wednesday after the conference let out, my coworker and two other guys in our hotel went to this microbrewery/restaurant in LaClede's Landing. I had buffalo meatloaf. It was good, as was the potato/onion hash that came with it. After dinner I went back to that bar at the hotel, drank more beer and looked at the bartender all night. A 50-something lady from Kansas City decided I was sad and needed comforting. She bought me a beer and was constantly trying to talk to me. Reassurances that though I'm at a difficult time in my life, everything is going to be OK.  "There's somebody out there for you," was another theme. She really annoyed the piss out of me. Before she left, she gave me a variation on a hug that entailed wrapping her arm around y neck and shaking me. I tried to be polite and wished she would go away.  The bartender said she thought the lady wanted to kiss me. I shuddered.  Bartender also opined the lady might be mentally unstable. I'm not qualified to make such a determination myself. But I guess a bartender is almost a psychiatrist so we'll take her word for it.

Thursday the conference lasted only half the day. While everyone else went for lunch and a tour of the Anheuser Busch brewery, I went to another meeting, got lunch from the cafeteria and worked the rest of the day. That night, we had dinner at the home of some co-workers who'd transfered to StL last year. After returning to the hotel, I spent my last night in StL hanging out in the bar. That bartender really was lovely. I told her so.

Flew home on Friday. Went out to dinner with jduffy1535 (livejournal) and baranoouji (livejournal). We went to Ray's the Steaks. There was a 2.5-hour wait so we parked the car and went to bars. I had a martini and two gin-and-tonics. When we got back to the restaurant, they were running behind, so we sat on their porch to wait and chatted for a while. I had a glass of red wine while waiting. When we were seated, we ordered a bottle of wine for the table (we were going to do glasses, but changed our minds at the last minute). Because we were seated late, they gave us soup (seafood bisque) for free. I had a green salad and an onglet (hanger steak). That steak was damn good. I also drank most of the bottle of wine, because my friends were driving and already tipsy, respectively. So yeah, I was pretty well tanked by the end of the night.

Yesterday I woke up around seven, popped 4 ibuprofen and drank a lot of water. I drove out o Sterling and had a look at the Mini Cooper. It seem like a delightful little car. I don't even have to move the seat all the way back to fit in it. I can sit comfortably in the car and still fold down both rear seats. The rear visibility isn;t the best, because the car (and therefore the rear window) is very small, but I think I could get used to it. I didn't take one for a test-drive, because I'm not yet at that stage in my car search, yet, but it's definitely still on my list of possibilities. Yesterday evening I went tout with friend to eat wings and watch the Pats game. They beat Jacksonville, so I am still happy. Today I think I will go to John and Molly's house to watch the Giants game. Tomorrow real work starts again.


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