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 It appears LJ is remembering me (InsaneJournal OpenID) again. At least on the MacBook. Haven't checked on the IPhone yet. Not sure whether there's any real reason the behavior would be any different between the two devices. Meh. Whatever. 
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I signed up on OKCupid! a little over two years ago. I guess around the same time I started really using my LiveJournal a lot. I originally did it only to take some quizzes that folks had shared with me. Answered some questions they use for determining what sort of person you are Never really did anything with my profile. Just updated it. I've no clue why, since I don't really anticipate using the silly thing to meet people.

But anyway, to get back to the point, I was scrolling through the listings of people who they matched with me, and I've come to the conclusion that anyone who is somewhere on the internet is /everywhere/ on the internet. I think it may be some kind of law.

But I've no clue how to prove this. So I guess I'll never get a Nobel Prize for the discovery. I guess it's lucky I don't desire fortune and fame and would be happy with a comfortable life in relative anonymity. Of course, if I don't want to be well-known, perhaps I shouldn't be on the internet. Something to think about I guess.

Work has decided I should go to Colorado Springs for a conference/roundtable-thing this week. I can't say I'm overly excited. I've been for conferences before, and haven't found the town anything spectacular. Also, I'm going on another trip out west (new Mexico) next week, that ha been scheduled long in advance. The result is that I fly  to Colorado, fly back four days later, then fly to New Mexico two days after that. If the Colorado thing had been better planned, I could have worked out something much more efficient, but we didn't even know we were sending anyone until just recently, so I didn't want to mess with changing things around thins close to the other trip. Still, I'm not actually upset about going to Colorado, because I was selected from among others, which I guess shows the seniors' faith in me.

Did lots of laundry yesterday and today. Went to a party and to a bar in Baltimore last night. Going to barbecue in a couple hours. Then back home to tidy up around here and pack for the first trip. It's been a pretty OK weekend so far. Better than last weekend. But, it would have to be wouldn't it, what with last-week's tire slashing incident.

I hope everyone else is doing well this weekend.

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A short while ago, I finished watching (or actually mostly listening, because I was looking at other things on the net at the same time) Steve Jobs' keynote address at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (why it's called WWDC when "worldwide" is one word is beyond me). Really kind of a pointless exercise, because I could easily have gotten the news I cared about  from the Apple website, but for some reason I wanted to see the address. I like listening to Steve Jobs. I think it's his voice.

So, on July 11 the new iPhone 3G is going on sale. It seems like a pretty cool device. I'd played around with the first iPhone at Apple and AT&T stores recently, and had pretty much decided I wanted one. But I was waiting to see if a new one was coming out. Then when the stores ran out of iPhones and it became clear a new one was soon to be announced, I started really looking forward to today. I think it's neat that the new iPhone has GPS in it. But the best thing from my POV is that they slashed the price by $200 dollars. Now granted, if they'd significantly upgraded the device (3G and GPS qualifies I think), I probably would have been willing to pay the old price for one, but now that it's down around the cost of some not-so-smart phones I'd been looking at, it seems like a steal. I will have one. The 8GB model I think. I already have an 80GB iPod for my growing music library, so all I would need in an iPhone is enough space for enough music to last me a TDY (usually about a week, and I usually have week-long music moods, so syncing songs from one or two genres for a trip should work out fine). I will have one. And I am already on AT&T, so switching to the new phone will be easy.

I am considering getting a gmail account and using it for e-mailing people, and using my comcast account for shopping and as a spam-sink. Appreciate evaluations from users of that platform.

I kind of miss LJ. I don't get very many comments over here from my old LJ friends. I assume (or, at least, I'd like to think) it's because commenting over here is more work. I guess it's possible I've become more boring, though. In fact that's very possible as I have historically written a lot of crap in this thing, both before and after my move. Sometimes I think I should write more about the serious things I occasionally think about. But I'm not sure about doing that here. I kind of see this thing as a diary and a way of keeping in touch with friends more than as a blog to spew my actual deep, serious thoughts into the world. Though going by what I've said at the beginning of this paragraph, it's now even failing at that second stated purpose. I mentioned to gaudium_et_spes on the phone yesterday that I had been thinking about maybe setting up a separate rant/soapbox/idea blog using wordpress or some such. I was looking at some of those platforms earlier tonight while listening to the keynote. Haven't yet arrived at a decision on that.

I can't make up my mind what my mood is right now.
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BEST Fark photoshop thread EVAR!!!!
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(9:21:04 PM) plumbob78: would she let me eat my tuna salad?
(9:21:13 PM) allabouttrust: mm tuna
(9:21:20 PM) allabouttrust: you guys say it like "toona" right?
(9:21:25 PM) allabouttrust: ohh i have to record tonight
(9:21:28 PM) allabouttrust: remind me, someone
(9:21:30 PM) plumbob78: yeah
(9:22:00 PM) plumbob78: 'cuz if she was all like "hurrr...your tuna boats strangle sea turtles and run over whales"
(9:22:07 PM) plumbob78: that would be a deal-breaker
(9:22:11 PM) jatoskep: lol
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I've actually decided to make use of the "wish list" feature-thingy on Amazon. You know, so if folks want to buy me something for Christmas, or my birthday, or just because I'm awesome *snort*, they will be able to see things I want and have not yet purchased for myself. I've also put the button on my profile.

My Wish List
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To everyone who reads this journal  via either insaneplumbob or greatestplumbob at LiveJournal: If you post a comment in the feed, I can't reply to it. OpenID comments aren't allowed on those feeds for some reason. Furthermore, if you comment on the feed, it's highly likely I won't know about it because I don't watch the feeds regularly myself. At most I check in every few days to make sure my entries are showing up. If you want to comment on something I write and have me be able to reply, you'll have to come over to the original entry on InsaneJournal. I have anonymous and OpenID comments enabled here, so you'll be able to comment just fine.

mamageek, The watch band is rubber. It closes with a clasp like the ones found on metal watch bracelets. That watch is also available with a metal bracelet, but it is probably more expensive. I didn't ask about it because I really liked the black rubber band.
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Real journal update at a later date, but for now...

Brought to you by FARK )

I'm a sucker for puns.
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To all my LJ Friends:

If you are reading this via greatestplumbob (the syndicated feed of my GreatestJournal), I suggest you switch to insaneplumbob (My InsaneJournal) instead. It looks like GJ might have just entered it's terminal dive. A last-minute name change to "TitanicJournal" might not be inappropriate.

I feel sorry for all the folks who have their primary/only journals over there.
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Joined Facebook. Some friends opined that would offer the best way to make contact with people I haven't seen in years yet occasionally idly think about.


Dec. 26th, 2007 05:04 pm
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Somehow I started reading about Ducks on Wikipedia. This lead to reading about Peking Duck. Now I want Peking Duck. Damn.
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This will only be of interest to myself those who read only greatestplumbob over on LJ. If you read only insaneplumbob, read both feeds, or don't read either (and therefore aren't seeing this) you don't care.

It would appear GreatestJournal is all bolloxed up again, or more probably is still as jacked as it was before, and whatever band-aid they applied is now soaked with blood from the hemorrhage and no longer effective. I know this because of the bitching in GJ's news  community, and [ profile] squeaky's (IJ - admin) own news post that says "Hey we're taking new accounts at GJ's request again." Which is funny, because the GJ site does not yet have a post saying ZOMG \/\/3 R J4cK3D!!!! Ru|\| to IJ!!! As a GJ subscriber I find this disturbing. As an IJ subscriber, I LOL.

I'm not sure whether GJ is dying, but I'm sure glad I joined IJ as a back-up. If you're an LJ friend who gets my entries via the GPB feed, it may be a good idea to switch to insaneplumbob instead. You get the same lunatic ravings both places.
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Apologies to Housman.

My LiveJournal, which I have had since February 2002, and grew to love and use daily in 2006, has been deleted. InsaneJournal is home now. GreatestJournal a second home for as long as that site lasts.

I am glad I was able to find a new home. But that doesn't make leaving my first suck any less.

Twue Wuv

Dec. 9th, 2007 12:09 am
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Went to a wedding today. It was good.

Have decided the perfect girl for me is the one who will assent to the following:

1) Dancing to the Pogues A Fairytale of New York at our wedding
2) Gigantic Fudgie the Whale wedding cake.

Truly making InsaneJournal into a home. I just recreated all the webcomic feeds I read on LJ that weren't already present on IJ. I think IJ will be my primary now, since there is actually a means for LJ'ers to read my friends-locked posts over here. Also, GreatestJournal is really screwed up. They supposedly stopped accepting new folks in order to save their servers, but the journal/community counter keeps rising every day.

I'm trying to work out a way to notify LJ friends there are friends-only posts over on IJ for them to read (via the openID login method I mentioned before here). Perhaps a tag against a public post that there is a new friends-locked one. I will still cross-post to both journals, though there will certainly be a problem if I try to do some fancy custom-group security thing on a post because if I were to lock it to, say LJ friends, GJ may choke because that group won't exists (no openID support there, so you guys aren't in my friends list). Anyone who wants to read my IJ posts can do so here.

My old LJ will shortly go *poof*
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So, one day after I migrate, the following is posted in GJ News:

we recently had too many people joining GJ resulting in slower and slower service - for now please join IJ instead... looks like squeaky is doing a great job over there.
existing journals won't be affected, we just don't want new user to overwhelm the existing servers.

Ugh. I'm upset that I had no indication of this place being horribly broken before I signed up. Right now I'm going to talk to these IJ people and see if they are horribly broken. And maybe blurty.
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At some point I will post a legit update about the mundane crap that constitutes my "life," but not right now.

Right now, I am intrigued that a publication like The Onion actually has personals. I must say, I'm almost tempted.

Also, I really like this song. Arcade Fire's Neon Bible is right now tied with Guillemots' Through the Windowpane for my favorite recent music acquisition.


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